Outdoor Waterproof Rain-Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with a Latch Hook

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Product Description:

Product Description

IPX 4 waterproof outdoor bluetooth wireless speaker with a metal latch hook design with one year limited quality warranty


* Waterproof rain-resistant outdoor hiking bluetooth speakers
Built in microphone for hands-free phone calls
* Portable lightweight but loud stereo sound
* NFC (Near Field Communication) function
Built-in 460mAh lithium battery
* Play/ pause/ volume +/ volume -/ next song/ previous song control buttons

This waterproof speaker can also be used on the bath shower with speaker's waterproof level IPX4, you don't worry about the speaker stopped working when the water splashed over the speaker.  You can take music anywhere with the light weight portable features

All functions for the sport waterproof wireless bluetooth speaker

Outdoor Waterproof Rain-Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with a Latch Hook

Back side view of the wireless speaker LW-823, the speaker's shape looks like cute ladybug, outside materials is soft silicone material, very comfortable feelings.
Outdoor Waterproof Rain-Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with a Latch Hook
Our retail package plastic box with color card, customized box package is welcome.

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