Outdoor Furniture Slim Round PE Rattan Table & Chairs

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Product Description:

Outdoor Furniture Slim Round PE Rattan Table & Chairs


Description of Outdoor Furniture Slim Round PE Rattan Table & Chairs: 

1)  PE Rattan: UV resistant, colorfast, water proof, moisture proof , easy to clean, durable, elastic, environment-friendly

2)  Aluminum frame with powder coating: brand-new aluminum, not recycled. 1.2-1.5mm thickness, Strong structure and light weight with good powder coating.

3)  Waterproof Cushions: 100% polyester , UV and water resistance, color optional, colorfast.

4)  Wood: Plywood, powder coating Aluminum frame.

5)  OEM & ODM are welcome


Main Features of Outdoor Furniture Slim Round PE Rattan Table & Chairs:

1) Green product, UV-resistant, weatherproof and colorfast.

2) Excellent hand weaving technique with fashion design.

3) Perfect for casual dining and entertaining indoor and outside.

4) High range products with timely delivery.   


Product series :

1)  Chair series: patio chair, beach chair, folding chair, stackable chair, wicker chair, Rattan chair, wooden chair, cafe chair, 

coffee chair, Leisure chair, garden chair, Arm-chair, reclining chair etc.      

2)  Table series: Wooden table, rattan table, coffee table, wicker table, Garden table, patio table, dining table, picnic table, 

tea table, BBQ table etc.

3)  Sofa Series: outdoor sofa, indoor sofa, rattan sofa, wicker sofa, two seat sofa, three seat sofa, combination sofa, single 

sofa, love seat, corner sofa, leisure sofa, sofa bed, round sofa etc.

4)  Others:Couch,canopy,gazebo,swing,hammock,footrest,bench,lounger,chaise longue, sun umbrella, garden furniture in 

sets, cane furniture etc.


Q 1. How do you guarantee the quality when choosing materials?

A 1. Strong powder-coated aluminum frame, SGS tested PE rattan


Q 2. Why such materials are workable for outdoor situation?

A 2. Good UV radiation, high temperature resistant, weather resistant, color fadeless.High quality & waterproof cushion, 

washable, flexible, corrosion-resistant.Both suitable for indoor & outdoor place.


Q 4. How do you make sure to meet personal enquiry?

A 4. Customized models, rattan designs, fabric colors, sizes all available.Popular and modern design.


Q 5. How does the furniture made of?

A 5. 100% hand-woven by skilled craftsmen


Pictures of  Outdoor Furniture Slim Round PE Rattan Table & Chairs:

 Outdoor Furniture Slim Round PE Rattan Table & Chairs

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Q:In German, How to Say: You can LEAVE your belongings on the sofa?
1. Bitte lassen Sie Ihr Portmonnaie auf dem Stuhl. If you say legen, then it means: lay, and stellen means put. 2. Lassen die Orangen in dem Kuehlschrank. Legen would mean: put into the fridge 3. Lassen Sie die Dokumente in der Schublade. Legen and stecken mean lay into and stick into resp. 4. Lassen Sie Ihre Sachen auf dem Sofa. Legen means lay down, stellen means put down or place. 5. Lassen deine Sachen auf dem Fussboden. Again, legen would mean put your things on the floor, and stellen means put down or place your things on the floor. I have been living in germany for almost 40 years. I also studied german at school and university.
Q:$3500 for a Leather Sofa too much or too Little?
Personally I would not pay that kind of money for any piece of furniture. If in the future you need cash you will be a loser on that one.
Q:Do you like this sofa and coffee table together?
no okorder.com/
Q:Army spouse with non-US passport appying for SOFA?
You're in a burocratic muddle, all right. It's not insoluble, though, as evidenced by your observation that another spouse has achieved what you haven't yet. You need a couple of different things: The first is a SOFA stamp. The next is a green card. And the last is some sort of resident visa from Germany. Each of these has its own burocracy, its own application process, and its own dangers for being denied. Gotta guess that you have a temporary 90-day visitor visa from Germany, or you wouldn't be there. You need another, longer-term visa, right? In order to get that, you need a SOFA stamp in your passport, and in order to get the SOFA stamp, you need a green card. You don't say where you moved from. If you have lived in the US, you've got a green card. So that should help you get the SOFA stamp. If you are married and don't have a green card, you really should try to expedite that, since at some point, your husband will rotate to the US and a marriage certificate or a CAC card won't be enough to get admitted. Try one more time for that SOFA stamp, bringing what you have to demonstrate that you're command sponsored. Don't give up. The military is no help? I think today's military are all pretty terrific at what they do. Don't go in with a chip on your shoulder and see if you don't get what you need. If you tried for help with a green card from the military's legal, it's natural for them to send you to the consulate. The green card is a document from Homeland Security, not Defense. The consulate has staff who deal with those issues, not Defense. Would you go to the consulate for a CAC card? Of course not. So if you need that green card, get it from where everyone else gets it. If you need the SOFA stamp, just try again, since you're command sponsored. And if you bring a receipt that you've applied for a green card, that might help, too. You'll have a great time in Germany. Just don't let some frustrations embitter you. ... Take care!!
Q:Clean my sofa! or dry clean it!?
every year or so i take our sofa outside and turn on the power hose with garden feeder sprayer filled with anomina and clothes soap mix and do a job on it...but then it has to be out in the sun for two days and turned over every few hours...but for winter i get a shop vac and a spray bottle filled with anomina a scrub brush..( LIKE like the toilet bowl brush) and a bucket of clean water...take and spray a area the size of a cuschon scrub with the brush dipping into the clean water and washing it and vacume out the water with the shop vac...dosnt hurt to get it wet as long as you put air around it to dry....take and throw a sheet over it for the first day so your friends dont sit and say..hey your couch is wet...
Q:What is a dutch sofa?
www.okorder.com/.. Never heard of one before but here they are!
Q:Everything emits EM waves. Your sofa emits IR radiation.?
The key word is EVERYTHING emits EM waves. That means literally everything. The walls, floor, ceiling, and everything else in your room (including you) are also emitting IR radiation. If they are all at the same temperature as your sofa, then the sofa is receiving as much radiation from everything else in the room as it is emitting. That is why it stays at the same temperature, and all this radiation doesn't contradict the principle of conservation of energy. The amount of EM radiation that is omitted and its wavelength depends on the temperature of the object. Hot objects emit more radiation at shorter wavelengths. If you switch on an electric hotplate, first you can feel the heat (IR radiation) coming from it. When it gets hotter it emits shorter wavelengths and eventually is starts to emit visible red light. The filament of a light bulb gets even hotter and emits the whole spectrum of visible light, which is why it appears (approximately) white. If also emits a lot of IR radiation as heat. Everything that is at a temperature above absolute zero (0 degrees Kelvin or -273 Celsius) emits EM waves. One of the best pieces of evidence for the big bang is that it is still possible to detect the EM radiation from the original explosion traveling through space, though it has now cooled down to a temperature of about 2 degrees K.
Q:tan carpet, what color sofa?
It depends on your style. What other things are in the room- do you have any pictures/art you like that you can pick colors from? Tan generally looks really nice with black (maybe leather), reds, other vibrant but earthy colors. I wouldn't put it with blues, oranges or yellows. whites or greens would be okay, depending on the rest of your room. Also, I recently bought 2 sofa sets- one tan and one green, both microfiber. we had them sprayed with the protectant, but they are still horrible to clean. water leaves more marks than the original stain. I had to call the warranty people to clean them. Just thought you should know if you are considering microfiber, in my case, it hasn't been easy to clean. Good luck!
Q:Why did my cat try to get INSIDE my sofa?
Its trying to get away from you becuase your an idiot.
Q:how to get pen of a leather sofa?
there is leather cleaners you can buy at nommal houshold stores i have recently bought one to buff and clean some stains on our couch it works like a dream

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