Organic Vermiculite for Horticulturial/ Vermiculite

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Product Description:

Information of Organic Vermiculite for Horticulturial/ Vermiculite:

Vermiculite is the generic name for laminar, hydrated ferromagnesian-Aluminum-Silicate minerals that resemble mica in the crude form. It has a great number of industrial uses by virtue of its expansion behavior on heating.

Features of Organic Vermiculite for Horticulturial/ Vermiculite:

When heated rapidly to 900-1,000 D.C, its interlaminar water turns to steam and causes the minerals layers to exfoliate or sepreate into worm-like pieces. This forms a material with Lower Density, Excellent Insulation properties, Good Absorption, Iron Exchange Capacity, Chemically Stable and Non-toxic. 

Technical Data of Organic Vermiculite for Horticulturial/ Vermiculite:

Organic Vermiculite for Horticulturial/ Vermiculite

Organic Vermiculite for Horticulturial/ Vermiculite

Application of Organic Vermiculite for Horticulturial/ Vermiculite:

The above properties make it widely used in Construction, Agriculture and Horticulture and Industrial application.

The surface density of magnesium oxide board is 0.8-1.2g/cm3.It is reduced the building loading,and made the building weight of interior wall reduce 60% more,meanwhile,increased the used area about 5-8%.Light weight board benefit to the 

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Q:Vermiculite and Perlite (ME / NH)?
No . Plants dont make metal Must be something in the soil.
Q:What can you root plants in?
I prefer adding soil amendments that have an organic content, like leaves, straw, compost, newspapers, lawn clippings, etc.. Perlite seems like an expensive soil additive. I didn't know you could still buy vermiculite, I thought it was mostly banned now because it has asbestos in it?? Well, maybe it's available where you live. Both perlite and vermiculite are/were used in potting soil, where the soil goes through regular cycles of being watered and then drying out. I suspect, though, that when they're in your garden, they're going to fill up with water, and then stay that way. Organic material does the same thing, costs less, and provides nutrition, too. For those reasons, I wouldn't use either perlite or vermiculite in my garden soil. Get some leaves, compost, manure, straw, newspapers, etc., and rototill them in now if you still can, and your garden will be fine by spring.
Q:can i feed silkworm pupae to leopard geckos?
Try this for your project. Plant seeds using only the Perlite, seeds using only the Vermiculite, seeds with topsoil only, and seeds using Peat Moss and Vermiculite. You will see a difference!! Peat Moss or Sphagnum Moss is available at any local hardware or boxstore location. It is cheap but bulky. If money is the problem ask your neighbors for a small portion of any they have. Contact your local nurseries and explain what your situation is. I am quite sure they will not only volunteer to give you the materials but greatly assist you in your project. Use them and you'll get an A. Good Luck.
Q:Does vermiculite loose fill insulation contain asbestos and how can it be tested?
Kate, Yahoo is your best choice to search. go to their homepage and type in garden centers and your city and state. lots of hits will come up. one of my Yahoo groups has members in your area and are familiar with chain stores and nurseries. even Walmart carries it. check out my PlantSwap group. i don't work for Yahoo, but i should. rick
Q:corn snake about to lay eggs should I incubate in moss or vermiculite?
Q:What should I do about my Leopard Gecko?
As it happens, SC is the largest produced of vermiculite in the US - and so there should be a great deal of case law on the subject. Count yourself lucky inasmuch as asbestos has not (yet) been found in SC ores. Check with your local county extension service and determine what your rights are. At the very least you should be protected from dust. Noise ordinances vary from location to location, check with your municipality on that. But, it is a sad fact that in many 'red' states, environmental regulation is minimal if at all - they consider themselves to be business friendly for the sake of 'jobs'. You may have to contact the EPA for any actual regulation on the actual mining process. Look up your local MSHA office in Columbia. They have a hotline.
Q:I Have Topsoil with Peat Moss, Vermiculite, Worm Castings, and Sheep Shlt. How Do I Make Tomato Potting Soil?
If it were me, even though I was using paper - I would make some holes in the bag to release any 'excess' moisture. Also, check them periodically to make sure they are not drying out too much. It's a bit of a juggling act - they need to stay dry and cool like basement conditions but they shouldn't start to shrivel. If they do, I would remove the bulbs from the vermiculite - spray the vermiculite LIGHTLY with water - shake it up and return the bulbs to their winter bed.
Q:Why am I finding GOLD in my garden?
If they are starting to collapse after only week, it is possible that your humidity is too low and the eggs are drying out. It is also possible that they are infertile, but it is best to assume they are good until you know for sure. You could also try candling the eggs.
Q:Strange white balls in soil?
Garden centre in England or phone your local council (mine is Oxford City Council),ask for contact number of your local Allotment site.We sell it when the shop is open.
Q:Why vermiculite is always mixed with peat moss for a substrate for a tarantula?
What species of tarantula do you have? Is the sub wet at all? Some tarantulas, like the G.rosea (rose hair tarantula) for instance, do not like any kind of moisture in their enclosures. If that's the case, just let the substrate dry out entirely and the tarantula should again start walking on the ground.

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