Horticultural And Agricultural Expanded Vermiculite

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Product Description:

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Packaging Detail:25kg/bag,40bags/big bag; other packing is allowed as required. Pure PP bags or PP bag inner with PE or as per customer's demands
Delivery Detail:Within 15 days after received deposit


1.Agriculture vermiculite,expanded vermiculite 
2.Expansion ratios:5.5-11times 
4.Size:all kinds


Product Description


0.5-2mm,1-3mm,2-5mm,3-6mm,4-8mm,8-12mm expanded vermiculite

Heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, well-ventilation, water preservation, poisonless, odorless, low hardness, burning-avoidness , lighter. non-asbestos etc.

Packaging & Shipping


Packaging Detail: 25kg/bag,40bags/big bag; other packing is allowed as required

                             Pure PP bags or PP bag inner with PE or as per customer’s demands


Delivery Detail:Within 15 days after received deposit

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Q:When propagating a ficus tree from a cutting should I use %100 perlite or a perlite/vermiculite mixture?
Nice question for the food category. Anyway, rice and flour won't get you the desired results. They both will absorb water like vermiculite, but are less willing to give up the moisture when needed. Plus they could change the soils acidity. Your best bet is to stick with the proportions that were given to you so you can enjoy the best crop
Q:What is the difference between vermiculite powder and vermiculite?
According to the state can be divided into raw vermiculite, vermiculite (vermiculite ore, non thermal expansion) and expanded vermiculite. The corresponding vermiculite powder is divided into raw vermiculite powder and expanded vermiculite powder. Vermiculite is used raw vermiculite directly grinding into powder, this usage rarely. The expanded vermiculite powder is crushed and ground with expanded vermiculite, which is widely used. Generally speaking, vermiculite powder is generally considered to be expanded vermiculite powder.
Q:What is the best substrate to use for a burrowing tarantula (Striped Knee Tarantula)?
How To Grow Magic Mushrooms
Q:My blue belly lizard just laid eggs. i took them & placed them in an incubator with dirty on top of them?
Get some vermiculite from a local reptile shop and mix it with water so that when you squeeze it it holds its shape but no water comes out and then put this mixture into a tupperware container which has small air holes cut into it for air circulation. Dig small holes for the eggs this will make it so they wont roll around. This is very important, the eggs need to be undisturbed and kept the same way the mother layed them. Keep the temperature at 84-85 degrees with a humidity of around 80%. The incubation period usually runs around 45-60 days roughly.
Q:stone which does not sink in water?
I mix 1/3 peat moss..1/3 vermiculite...and 1/3 perlite to start my seeds..this is not the main medium after transplant but while seeding out.Perlite and vermiculite is available at wal mart in small bags for 3.99..Home depot has huge bags of both for 12.99 of each if you want to actually put the medium in the garden itself..vermiculite and perlite both retain water, and keep the soil loose so the plants can grow without strain...Outside I use 50/50 mushroom compost and topsoil for my large areas..I buy it by the truckloads rather than at a garden center in bags...Here are a few pictures of my veggie garden and herb beds..all the seeds were started as I suggested...
Q:Leopard Gecko Eggs! Help!?
Yes! Tomato plants in 5 gallon containers should do great. Make sure you put a tomato cage over your plant while it is still relatively small. You can get them at home depot or Lowe's. These help the plant support the weight of the tomatoes. Water regularly but not too much and make sure there are drain holes in the bottom of the container or the roots will get water logged. Keep in the sun all day. Good luck.
Q:can you use vermiculite as substrate for a okorder tree boa, for the reason being that it holds in humidity?
I've okorder.com
Q:Why vermiculite is always mixed with peat moss for a substrate for a tarantula?
Go for Peat, or Vermiculite instead. Many of the professional keepers swear by Peat as a substrate, however although peat hold moisture quite well, the following are common problems: Mould, mites, fungus and other unwanted growths. To counter this the substrate should be microwaved (only when it's dry, otherwise their is a possible fire risk!) This will kill any mould or fungus spores, and anything else, such as mites. Vermiculite doesn't tend to encourage mould, fungus or mites. Though some tarantulas, especially arboreal species don't like it as it tends to stick to their feet. You can wet the coconut fibre a little more to encourage burrowing. I use a product called Bed-A-Beast. This product comes in a 4 X 8 X 2 block and when placed in water it yields about 8 litres of bedding. One block fills my five - 10x24 tanks and a dozen small containers for spiderlings.
Q:what is vermiculite to put in reptile incubators?
Your question is very confusing. If you didn't want the snakes, why put them in a glass tank? You said you were going to take them across the street to the creek, so why didn't you just do that right away? Plus, the snakes in the tank didn't reproduce and lay eggs the next day. Obviously, the one had mated a few months ago. And who did you speak to at the zoo, the janitor? Anyone with any knowledge of snakes would know that just putting the eggs in the grass will cause them to die instantly since they need to be kept at very high humidity, plus, who would tell you to release a possible python (which I highly doubt it is). Do you have pictures of the snake? Next time please just leave snakes alone. They don't go around attacking children for no reason. You may actually have committed a crime by catching them. But like I said, I highly doubt you have a python. Ball pythons match your description but they don't lay 13 eggs. If you don't want to get bit, just leave them alone next time. Snakes don't go around looking for people to bite.
Q:aquaballs to take the place of soil.what are they called/?
DO NOT KEEP TARANTULAS ON DIRT OR A MOIST CAGE ... use pebbles and rocks that have been boiled. You need a hot rock. Leave this tarantula alone for awhile. Once again, jusr b/c a pet shop sells it doesn't mean it wants to be your buddy. I cringe when I see pet shops sell exotics to people that don't have a clue how to keep them and neither does the pet shop. I read the previous posters comments. I'm always amazed by people who really believe they know and well..ya don't. Just b/c you keep several doesn't mean you know what your doing. Nothing more annoying than some idiot walking around with their pet tarantula. Thinking they are cool, torturing the scared spider. Get a good tarantula book and read it. Rose hairs are possibly the easiest spider to maintain besides a pink toe. p.s. that's a type of tarantula too and they are tree dwellers that make tube webs and you don't keep those on potting soil either. Potting soil!! what dolts. All of you buy a good tarantula book and read it twice. I'll take it none of you have ever seen a parasite infestation on a tarantula. A slow and horrible death. Brought on by the wrong bedding. You see dirt invites nasty things to closed little warm tanks. Since when is potting soil sterile.

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