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Oil cooler the pipe using copper tube rolling out heat dissipation fin, so the heat exchange area is large, the products small size, light in weight.Oil cooler is suitable for low viscosity and clean the oil cooling;Oil cooler can be used in plastic machinery, hydraulic equipment, air compressor, flattering thin oil system, hydraulic coupling, electric power equipment and other industries.This series of products from small to large oil cooler can design and manufacture according to customer requirements, wide scope of coverage.
Oil cooler (cold) is widely used in electric power system of a oil cooling equipment, also applies to the metallurgical, chemical, mining, light industry and heavy industry sectors.The use of the devices can be made with a range of temperature difference of two kinds of liquid medium to realize heat exchange, so as to reduce the oil temperature, ensure the normal operation of power equipment, the purpose of it is mainly used for oil cooling equipment lubricating oil cooling, variable speed system, transformer oil cooling, etc.Cold oil machine according to the type of installation, can be divided into vertical.Type and horizontal two kinds;According to the form of cooling pipe is divided into light pipe and strengthening the pipe type two kinds.Technical characteristics with stick expansion argon gas coat welding process, to adapt to the different conditions of operation.Special size can be customized according to user's requirements of cold oil machine, this product is really good seal performance, the eradication of disclosure, in high thermal efficiency, easy to maintenance and long life of corrosion resistance, etc.Oil cooler is mainly composed of six parts, in the form of cooling pipe with different light tube cold oiler and strengthening the pipe type, cold light tube type oil appliances have weighed on good performance, long service life, easy clean, simple maintenance and so on characteristics and strengthen the pipe type cold oil machine has small size and large heat transfer area, heat transfer fast, self-cleaning, suitable for narrow site installation, etc.
Oil cooler according to the different methods of installation, can be divided into vertical cold oil and horizontal cold oil, vertical cold oil tools it needs to install a small area, easy installation, etc.Horizontal cold oil has characteristics of pressure drop is small, resistance to water impact, so according to the different space, space, such as height, the use of performance requirements correctly choose vertical or horizontal cold oil, can better meet the needs of the generator sets and other equipment.


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