Up/ Down Conduct Oil Cooler/ Arriba/ Abajo Enfirador de Aciete

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Because the oil has heat conduction performance, and in constant circulation of engines, therefore, oil cooler for engine crankcase, clutch, valve components cooling effect.Even watercooled engine, can use water cooling part only cylinder head and cylinder wall, the other parts are still rely on oil cooler to cool.

The engine oil temperature rise is faster at the beginning, heat transfer oil to the engine casing has a time lag Within this time oil cooler has effect When you touch the engine casing will feel very warm feeling You will feel good 

Wait until the engine running after a long time The speed also Oil cooler is also the best working condition Shell temperature of the engine at this time has been elevated to a higher degree of quick touch the motor shell will find very hot but not that kind of touched touch shall not degree At the same time, oil cooler temperature is high This situation shows the thermodynamic process has balanced the motor speed of air cooling and heat conduction process is in balance will not raise the temperature This time the temperature of the 2 points of two 1 oil temperature the temperature of the engine temperature rises fast in the short time engine shell is almost touch after driving for a long time The temperature of the engine case you can't use hand to touch Even a very short time contact We usually use judgment method is to use water in engine case heard the sound of nothing The engine casing temperature has more than 120 degrees。


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