Needle Roller Bearing K 15X20X16 Best Price

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1 set
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900000 set/month

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Best Price Needle Roller Bearing K 15x20x16

Precision Rating



C0,C2,C3,C4,C5 is available

Sealed Cap 

Rubber or Metal





Vibration Level code




Seals Type




Bore Size

15 mm

Outside Diameter

20 mm


16 mm

Regular export packing

Plastic drum+White box+ carton

industrial packaging or as your requirement


1 pcs

Delivery Time

3-7 days after receiving your payment  

Payment Terms

L/C,T/T,Western Union

Port of shippment by sea


Place of Origin




Product Advantage:

1.High Precision  Needle Roller Bearing

2.ISO Standard Bearing 

3.High quality &competitive price 

4.Many famous brand is available 

5.Low Noise & Long life 

Our advantages:


1. Manufacturer,the most competive price and good quality

2. Perfect group of technical engineers give you the best support

3.Well-trained group of international sales provide the best service

4.OEM brand aviliable

5.Rich stock and quick delivery


1.Small quantity, can delivery by global express: DHL TNT FedEx ARAMEX EMS UPS.this is door to door.

2.Large quantity, can delivery by air, by sea, this is port to port.



T/T, L/C, Money Gram, Payal, Western Union etc.


Lead Time:

Sample Lead-times: generally 3-5 workdays.
Production Lead-times: 3-5 days after get payment or as contract required


Needle Roller Bearing K 15X20X16 Best Price

Needle Roller Bearing K 15X20X16 Best Price

Needle Roller Bearing K 15X20X16 Best Price

Needle Roller Bearing K 15X20X16 Best Price

Needle Roller Bearing K 15X20X16 Best Price

Needle Roller Bearing K 15X20X16 Best Price

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Q:Are K2 rollerblade wheels interchangeable with most other wheels? Are the bearings?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Are K2 rollerblade wheels interchangeable with most other wheels? Are the bearings? I have inline skates manufactured by K2, I need new wheels, and maybe bearings, I noticed that non-brand names are cheaper, are most common types of inline skate wheels and bearings interchangeable?
Q:are cleaning skateboard bearings with eye drops a good way to clean them?
NO water? NO WAY. They are principally water with a few other ingredients. You are not cleaning them if you are putting the drops in and leaving it. You are lubricating them. Water works for a short time but will destroy greases or gels and if you use enough to destroy them completely (or if they were oiled) will eventually rust the bearings. Rusted bearings will never be as good as new. Cleaning involves flushing out old oil/grease/gel/dirt/etc. Water is a suitable cleaning material (but will not reliably remove many lubricants) as long as you dry the bearings before adding new lubricant. If you want to add a little material to free up bearings, just use a little light oil. It is cheap and most hardware stores carry it in small tubes with a needle tip so you can get it in small places. I haven't cleaned bearings in years because I find it better to just get new ones when they are really bad. When I do: I start with lamp oil (desented kerosene) because it will remove any old lubricant that is holding crud in the bearing. Next water with dish detergent to remove the lamp oil (some people just dry them out by draining and relube at this point) Followed by rinsing in water to remove the soap, drain, and rinsing in denatured alcohol to dry them. Then use whatever lube you like.
Q:Could this have caused my alternator bearings to fail?
Jennifer. You didn't hurt the alternator bearings by driving the car to the automotive store. Without the serpentine belt, the alternator and water-pump doesn't turn. Without the water-pump spinning is the reason the coolant temperature got hot. The alternator bearings were stiff or noisy before the belt spun off. In fact, that might have caused the belt to spin off. Too bad there isn't an automotive electrical shop or private mechanic nearby who couldn't split the alternator and slide on new bearings and brushes. The alternator will be as good as new! If you're pushed into a corner and it's necessary to purchase an new re-manufactured alternator call around for the best price with the *best lifetime warranty. Let me know how you make out.
Q:Rear wheel bearings - how important to replace as a pair?
What occurs in case you spin the wheel by way of hand? Does the project in easy terms happen while under load. If the clunking is time-honored, yet quickens as you advance highway velocity then it truly is in all risk bearings or chain. Bearings: with the wheel in place, you on the ingredient of the motorbike, draw close the precise and the backside of the wheel. are you able to sense flow once you push the precise far flung from you, and pull the backside in the direction of you? Rotate the wheel ninety degree and attempt lower back. in case you are able to twist the wheel this way then you definately've duff bearings. The chain: it truly is available for pins interior the chain to break, yet with out the chain breaking. i've got additionally had a ingredient plate ruin. the two issues might reason a rhythmic clunking. you're able to desire to furnish the chain a radical sparkling, oil, and inspection. seek for cracked ingredient-plates, stiff chain hyperlinks, something somewhat unusual. it truly is a actual soreness while a chain breaks.
Q:How do I repack the ball bearings on my boat trailer?
Take them and wipe them down good and shoot them with a degreaser and wipe the down again then put a pile of High temp bearing grease in the palm of your hand and hold the bearing upright and press and roll press and roll over and over then clean up the spindle and put them back on. Good luck
Q:Should I get ball bearings for the Traxxas Rustler?
I assume your Ruster is (or was) an XL-5. You really need to get bearings because bushings are a think of the past. They keep the car from going very fast, hence getting better run times. Now you have choices. You can get the stock Traxxas VXL Carriers/bearings bearings, RPM Carriers/Traxxas Bearings, or STRC Carriers/bearings. I would NOT get the stock Traxxas VXL carriers, and it your tight on money get the RPM carriers with Traxxas Bearings. I would FOR SURE get STRC carriers, and these come with bearings for only $15-20 each. Don't forget about steering blocks. Good luck with your Ruster and Slash!
Q:how often should u clean longboard bearings?
Clean Longboard Bearings
Q:What is the best skateboard, trucks, wheels, and bearings?
Element deck, any element is good i'd say. I've got a Mike V Element it is sick. I also have a Plan B Ryan Sheckler deck that isn't bad at all. The Mike V is good for 360 flips. It has lots of pop. But its a smaller deck. The Plan B isn't bad either. On my Element I have, indepdent trucks, black label wheels and reds bearings. Reds bearings are really good. On my Plan B I have royal trucks, ricta wheels and element bearings.
Q:Does the Abu Ambassadeur 5000-C have bearings inside the spool?(early 90's model)?
the only bearings on the 5000C are the ones at the ends of the spool shaft. one external, underneath the tension adjustment cap and the other inside the opposite sideplate, held in place by a small metal clip. *the only BALL bearings. other turning contact points have bushings which to a nit picker, are, in fact, bearings.
Q:How do you pack trailer bearings with grease?

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