Mesh Chair/ Lifting Chair/Computer chair CMAX1023

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China main port
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500 set
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40000 set/month

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Product Description:

Mesh Chair/ Lifting Chair/Computer chair CMAX1023

Structure of Mesh Chair Description:

Chair with adjustable neckrest    

Adjustable lumbar support    

4D Adjustable armrests

Mesh or fabric for back and seat, sliding waterfall design  

Synchronised-tilting mechnism with 5 level locking

SHS Grade 4 gas cylinder for height adjustable

Main Feature of Mesh Chair:

Office Style Mesh Chair with PP Arms and Adjustable Height

Colour option:

All fabrics or leather designs and colors can be customized by customer. We have many type of fabric & Leather/PU/PVC for customer select.


Products material:

 1. Metal(Iron,stainless steel,alumium) and PP.

 2. High density (45D-50D) elastic fire-retardant foam for upholstery parts is available.(Meet the UK: BS5852 and US: CA117).

 3.Mesh and wheels

More Photo for Mesh Chair:

Mesh Chair/ Lifting Chair/Computer chair CMAX1023

Mesh Chair/ Lifting Chair/Computer chair CMAX1023

Mesh Chair/ Lifting Chair/Computer chair CMAX1023

Office Mesh Chair Mesh Color Selection:

Office Style Mesh Chair with PP Arms and Adjustable Height

Office Style Mesh Chair with PP Arms and Adjustable Height

Mesh Chair Packaging deails:

Office Style Mesh Chair with PP Arms and Adjustable Height


MOQ: Small order can be accepted. 

Payment terms: T/T in advance (30% deposit before production, 70% balance before shipment)

Quality: high quality and trustworthy QC staff, strict quality control in all process

Customer'design: Customer's design and logos are welcome

Packing: we could accept special packing according to customer's requirements

Loading seaport: Guangzhou or shenzhen

Worker: we have 80 professional workers who have more than 5 years experience in furniture production

Products can be made according to your requirements.OEM is welcome!

We have strict quality control department to ensure all the goods to be right & correct delivery to customers.

We are a real factory and approved by legal authority with 1 year guaranty on products to reduce the risk for the buyer who unconfident to do international purchasing.

All of our products are environmentally friendly meet the international standard.

The advantage of our products.

1. 1-2 years warranty for outside material, 5 years for inside.

2. All of our products reaches European standard. Regular customer like: carrefour, wal-mart, etc. 

3. Material choice and color choice available.

4. Customer'design: Customer's design and logos are welcome

5. MOQ: Small order can be accepted.

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Dont see why not
Q:Chair for my room???
They make plastic lawn chairs that are cheap ($10-20). A one piece molded chair is light, stack able, and easy to clean. You can buy them at W-Mart, drug stores (seasonal), hardware stores, etc. Folding chairs (with woven fabric) are another possibility. They are also light, fold able, and inexpensive. And, as an added advantage, you can take them outside when the weather is nice.
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The solution to this problem is the sum of the vertical forces exerted by the chair on the floor. This can be shown in the equation Fn = Fc + Fp where Fn = total normal force exerted by the chair on the floor, Fc = weight of the chair = 125 N, and Fp is the vertical component of force F applied to the chair. If you do a free body diagram and draw a force triangle you will see the following: cos(38°) = Fp / F; solve for Fp gives F * cos (38°) = Fp, putting in the numbers gives 45.0 N * cos(38°) = Fp 27.7 N = Fp Solve for Fn by using the known and calculated values as follows: Fn = Fc + Fp Fn = 125N + 27.7N Fn = 152.7N = the normal force that the chair exerts on the floor = the normal force that the floor exerts on the chair since the floor must exert a force that is equal to and opposite the normal force from the chair. I hope this helps.
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I adore our Svan. It's not for everyone, and the price tag is a bit steep. ($250 plus about $40 for the pad set.) But here's why it works for us: * We have a small, open-floor plan main room. We didn't want a bright, plastic chair that screamed BABY! We wanted something subtle, modern and interesting. The Svan comes in several wood finishes - we went with cherry. * We wanted something that would go from his first feeding to the time he was ready to sit in a regular chair. The Svan adjusts nicely, and will actually become a desk chair eventually. (It can hold a 250 pound adult!) * We were looking for a chair that worked with a tray or without - this one is secure when we pull our son up to the table to sit with us, but the tray works very well, too. Lastly, we realized after we bought the chair that being able to adjust the footrest and the seat means that our son can actually climb into the chair himself!
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