Melamine MDF Melamine MDF Board for Furniture

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50 m³
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100000 m³/month

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Product Description:






Surface process: Satin, glossy, pearl

Goods Description


  Inspection Result(Average)

  Techinical    Requirement 

 Executive Criterion


 Standard Dimension





 Formaldehyde Emission Grade  




 Moisture Content(%)



 Internal Bonding(Mpa)



 Bending Strength(Mpa)



 Elasticity Coefficient(Mpa)



 Screw Holding Strength





 Inside Density Tolerance(%)



 Water absorption and  thickness  swelling




  1. high bending strength

  2. low formaldehyde emission

  3. little linear expansion coefficient

  4. strong nail holding

  5. moisture proof and easy work , moisture content 4%~6.6


A. how many sheets for one cubic meter?


6mm---56 sheets/CBM

9mm---37.33 sheets/CBM

12mm---28 sheets/CBM

15mm---22.40 sheets/CBM

18mm---18.66 sheets/CBM

21mm---16.00 sheets/CBM

B. how many cubic can load for one container?


20FT---21.4 cbm 40ft---37 cbm 

C. how many sheets can be load for one container?


































Melamine MDF Melamine MDF Board for Furniture

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