Made In China Wall-Hung Ceramic Toilet - 804

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Made In China Wall-Hung Ceramic Toilet
1.White Color
2.AAA Grade
3.Soft Closing PP Seat Cover
4.P-Trap,180mm Roughing In

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Q:There is no width of 30 cm wash basin cabinet
Of course not, wash basin is generally 55 width. Pots are generally the smallest 35
Q:Beginner Designer Looking for Beach Themed Bathroom Sinks?
any bowl can have a drain hole added by some one with glass knowledge. look up glass workers in your area before you buy the bowls and then ask if they could cut drain holes for you. if so you can purchase artsy beach theme bowls from a crafts show, second hand or even have another class assist.
Q:Toilet table cabinet can be customized?
It is more direct to buy more money, build a lot of costs, add up to buy more expensive than the ready. If there is no special requirements for the facilities of the bathroom at home, it is recommended to buy directly; or buy a whole basin, to make a small cabinet like, and very save money.
Q:Bathroom counter cabinet with solid wood can, will not have any problems
In fact, look at your house's specific style, if it is European-style, then use solid wood, solid wood than PVC is good, and more solid, decadent this problem is no way to avoid, no matter how good will be decay, but the length of time , And your maintenance and use. If it is a modern style, in order to avoid decay can buy stainless steel bathroom, nice, the price is relatively high than the solid wood, my family bought a 1.1M stainless steel bathroom cabinet, the price 1550, can give you a reference.
Q:Can you make a bathroom door?
Yes, but should pay more attention to waterproof, molded door waterproof is not very good, pay attention to, there is no matter, adopt me
Q:Home basin plug how to do, underwater particularly slow.
The easiest way to try: first put half of the pot of water, and then quickly with the palm of your hand to clear the outlet
Q:how do i get rid of the awful smell in my bathroom sink?
This Site Might Help You. RE: how do i get rid of the awful smell in my bathroom sink? so when i turn the water on this horrible smell comes from the bathroom sink. what can i use to get rid of it?
Q:I would like to ask where to buy this basin sink ah, do not OKorder, because do not want to wait
Hardware store there
Q:What is the size of the bathroom counter basin cabinet?
Commonly used common basin size: 585 × 390mm, 600 × 460mm, 700 × 460mm, 750 × 460mm, 800 × 460mm, 900 × 460mm, 1000 × 460mm, 600 × 405 × 155mm, 410 × 310 × 140mm size specifications, In addition, there are many commonly used basin size, because the basin is a private bathroom sanitary ware, so in order to try to meet the needs of each user, manufacturers have to quit a lot of different sizes of the basin, and ultimately the current situation.
Q:How exactly do I unblock my bathroom sink?
Is it being blocked by feces or hair? If so, you need to clear that out of the drain. Water needs room to run down the pipe. Find a way to unclog your sink before you reload it with the stuff you clogged it with.

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