Made In China Wall-Hung Ceramic Toilet - 803

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2000 set/month

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Made In China Wall-Hung Ceramic Toilet
1.White Color
2.AAA Grade
3.Soft Closing PP Seat Cover
4.P-Trap,180mm Roughing In

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Q:My bathroom sink drains very slowly?
Kelly, if you look as you do in the picture, and wash your hair in the sink, then it is a good bet that there's quite a wad of it in the drain. If you have a drain that has one of the pull up push down buttons near the back of the spigot, that drain plug that drops down into the hole will also catch and hold hair, eventually making a large clump to plug the drain. There is a new, small, snake type of drain cleaner available for less than $2 at most all the home improvement stores and probably hardware and large grocery stores. It's flexible plastic, with small thorn-like protrusions all along the outside of the unit and a round hole, for your finger to grab through at the top. The idea is to push the snake down into the drain as far as you can get it, then turn it around a few times and pull it out. If there's anything there, it will wrap itself around the snake and come out when you remove it. You may want to do this a few times if you get much on the first try, if you decide to buy one of the units. Some of the other answers were correct in saying that your landlord is responsible to keep the plumbing functioning properly, unless you have some sort of clause in your lease in which you've agreed to take care of it. And that's fine, if you have a very nice landlord, who gets right on these things. If not, however, it can sometimes be a long interval between when you alert him to a problem and when it actually gets fixed. The P trap under the sink may be partially or nearly all clogged with the hair and whatever else may have fallen down there over time, so you'll need to decide which way you want to go. For the $2 or less, it might be worth it to just try to make it better while you wait for professional help.
Q:What should I pay attention to when buying pots?
You have to look at the location of the installation of the faucet is convenient, this is very important, sometimes not very good, there will be leakage of the situation, my home is the German treasure brand, they are in this design is not bad, very human The
Q:What is the maximum size of the basin?
There seems to be no such thing!
Q:Decoration of the people said: wash basin under the water pipe directly into the sewer on the line do not have to seal it ?
wrong! You can do it, but it's going to be sealed.
Q:Bathroom wash basin crack, and how to remedy ah
Can only be renewed. These things can not be repaired
Q:How far does a receptacle have to be from the bathroom sink if you have a GFCI?
It is STILL 120 Volts. The electric shaver receptacle is maybe 15 volts(I never checked) and that is more the typical or receptacle that would be put there.
Q:how to unglue a bathroom sink from the wall?
you cant unglue something like that, it can be possible to pry it off the wall if it is sheetrock, the paper on the sheetrock might give before the sink breaks. if it is siliconed around the edges, as some contractors use this as a way to fasten sinks to the wall, then cut it with a utility knife and pry around it as you go. if it is constuction glue on plaster, your screwed unless you have a diamond grinder to cut the wall around the sink and pry it off that way. also, if it is silicone, make sure to cut around the outside edge so you dont tear the paper up the wall
Q:What the pipe wrench is suitable for the nuts on the drain below the basin and sink
You are talking about hexagonal wrench, RIDGID hexagonal jaw design for hexagonal nuts, square nuts, pipe joints and nuts on the valve. Increased opening design of the hexagonal wrench is particularly suitable for the basin and sink under the drain on the nut. Narrow, smooth jaws are suitable for operation in a small space.
Q:Is it difficult to install a bathroom sink? If not what should I know?
Well the plumbing part is easy RE; Hot left the cold to the right, That means the hot is on the Left and the Cold is on the right, Watch how the old one comes out, most is a screw or bolts clamp to the counter and sometimes sealed with silicone which you can cut loose with a razor knife, Un hook the lines at the valve under the sink, if you don't have any then get some and put them in, On the new sink connect the faucet and the supply lines before putting in the sink, Set you sink in correctly and trim the supply lines even with the valve inner part so that it is all the way in and tighten the nut, after you turn the water back on, then slowly open the faucet and let the air come out, then run it for a while, some guy remove the faucet packing stem and then turn on the water, this flushes the line out and won't clog the faucet.
Q:bathtub and bathroom sink wont drain?
Bath Tub Not Draining

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