Low Voltage Primary circuit Cable for Automobiles

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Low Voltage Primary circuit Cable for Automobiles

Type and Designation




Thin Wall Thermoplastic insulated cable for automobiles


General Purpose Thermoplastic insulated cable for   automobiles


Heavy-duty Thermoplastic insulated cable for   automobiles


Standard-duty Thermoset elastomer (Synthetic rubber)   insulated cable for automobiles


Heavy-duty Thermoset elastomer (Synthetic rubber )   insulated cable for automobiles


Thin wall cross-linked polyolefin insulated cable for   automobiles


General purpose cross-linked polyolefin insulated cable   for automobiles


Special purpose cross-linked polyolefin insulated cable   for automobiles


Thin Wall Thermoplastic Elastomer insulated cable for   automobiles


General purpose Thermoplastic Elastomer insulated cable   for automobiles


Heave-duty Thermoplastic Elastomer insulated cable for   automobiles

 Description of the Purpose
  Little affected by the environment, the cable is flexible and resistant to abrasion, oil, heat and cold, mainly used in the low-voltage system of below 50V rms of automobiles

SAE J1128-1995

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Q:Why do power cables have a big sag in the middle?
gravity. Power lines are not light. If you try to pull them tighter, to reduce the amount of sag you can break the line itself, or put tremendous strain on the support towers.
Q:how do i connect the power cables of my motherboard to the casing?
Well... if they're the big white plastic plugs, then you aim the clip for the notch and you're good to go. If they're the smaller plugs that look amazingly like jumpers... then your motherboard should have come with a diagram to show how to plug them in. If not, look on the motherboard and see if you see metal pins with text closeby that says things like PWR SW or RST or HDD LED or PWR LED, or something similar. Generally, the text will point in the direction that the plug needs to go. Also, you generally want to make sure that the open metal part of the plug faces towards the inside of the two rows of metal pins (should be a row of 4 and a row of 5). Hope that helps.
Q:my alpine amplifier power cable got ripped out while it was on, and now it just blows fuses and wont work?
You can repair this if you already know what you are doing. Each wire in the cable terminates on a specific terminal. (A power cable can be expected to have 2 wires, a red and a black for pos12v and neg12v respectively. Reverse these wires even for a moment and wave your amp goodbye, unless there is protection built in if you're lucky) So ... Do you know all the repair proceedures? Do you know what wire belongs to what terminal? (No trial and error allowed here) If you have any doubt about doing this right first time then you are unable to fix it your self, and it would be better to take it to the experts and pay for repair.
Q:wireless Internet disconnects when power cable is disconnected why?
I am assuming that you are using windows, If you haven't done so already, right click on the battery on the right hand of your task bar and click on the power options. now, click on CHANGE PLAN SETTINGS Then click on CHANGE ADVANCED POWER SETTINGS a new window should pop up, look for wireless adaptor settings and select maximum performance, This could be your answer but then again I'm not sure what you have already attempted.
Q:I don't have any IDE power cable in the computer, just sata.?
You don't have a PCI-E power cable from the PSU? You might need to upgrade your power supply as I'm pretty sure your power supply will not support that video card.
Q:Subwoofer/Amplifier Power Cable Help!?!?
The fuse isnt mandatory but its a good thing to have if your drawing alot of power then you will need it ive blown like 4 then i upgraded no more blown fuses but ya you should get one
Q:Will a PS3 power on without the AV cable?
haha man i feel sorry for you. What you have is a YLOD case(yellow light of dead) it can be many things wrong with it but in your case its the cpu slowly loseing i am geussing he didnt tell you that it has YLOD u will have to watch many youtube vids to fix it or just go to a hardware man or a local computer specialtest he will do it for 20 bucks
Q:Is it OK to daisy chain the power cable only from a Pioneer amp to a Bazooka powered sub?
Only if you dont value either of them.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of separating 28Vdc, 200A positive power cables and returns into two?
Q:Can a stereo (head unit) power a small 100 watt amplifer just by using rca cables?
The RCA cables do not supply power to the amplifier; they just carry the audio signal from the head unit to the amp. Your amplifier, regardless of its power rating, will need power and ground connections in addition to the RCA and remote outputs from the head unit.

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