Multiple-core Cable for Automobiles insulated wires

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Product Description:

Description of the product
 Multiple-core cable for automobile is stranded from several insulated wires. In addition to the advantages of the single wire, it is little affected by the environment with longer life, and can be used in the assembly of automobiles.

Construction and Specification
5-core cable :5*14AWG


American wire gauge (AWG)

Insulated diameter(mm)

Jacket thickness(mm)

Outer diameter(mm)









6-core cable:5*12AWG+1*10AWG


American wire gauge (AWG)

Insulated diameter(mm)

Jacket thickness(mm)

Outer diameter(mm)






Picture of cross-section of the product

2、Nonhygroscopic filler
3、Polyester film separation
4、Black PVC jacket

1、12AWG 19/0.465
2、10AWG 19/0.57
3、Nonhygroscopic filler
4、Fibre tape
5、Black PVC jacket

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No its usually because of hard drive failure if your talking about THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH
Q:2000 hyundai elantra only starts after moving power cables?
Sounds to me that you have a BAD BATTERY here. Is it the ORIGINAL factory one, or some after market one?? When the cells inside a battery short out internally, sometimes if you jiggle the cable, it will make a false, temporary connection inside. Remove your battery, and have it bench tested. Get another factory battery, or an OPTIMA battery or a DEKA battery. THese all tested higher than usual. A good EUROPEAN battery is another good choice, if you can find one in that exact size. GOOD LUCK!! CLean your IAC valve and throttle body. THis will insure the wuickest ,easiest starts. GOOD LUCK!!
Q:what are to 4 connectors on the power cable?
The four pin connector that is used to power PC drives supplies two different voltages: +12 volts for the motor +5 volts for the electonics The other two pins are ground pins. ________ / .............. |..1..2..3..4..| |.................| Pin Function 1 +5 V 2 Ground 3 Ground 4 +12 V
Q:Acoustic Audio 10 inch home theatre powered subwoofer use speaker wire or subwoofer cable?
As you used the phrase The wire that was included for the subwoofer, I'll presume that we're talking Home Theater in a Box here. As someone above mentioned, sub frequencies can use a lot more energy. In a larger system where you are consistently running several hundred watts over longer distances, a larger wire would probably be benificial. For a HTIB system such as yours the wire that came with it would be more than adequate over the short run that would typically be needed. Having said that, there is nothing wrong and nothing will be damaged by going to a larger gauge wire. Just not a lot of benefit.
Q:connecting power,D3-,D3+,GND and POWER SW,RESET SW, H.D.D LED, POWER LED cables to your motherboard. HOW.
Not enough info. But from what you wrote, the only one you need to connect to get the mainboard started is the Power SW. All others are indicator or I/O. The Power Switch cable is not polarized but the LEDs are. LEDs need the +/- in the right direction. Be very careful on the USB connections or you could burn up a USB device. They are critical. You should have a manual if the mainboard is new. If it's used, look around on the surface of the board for a manufacture and model number. Then type it into google and see if you can find an on-line manual.
Q:what the size of power cable 3 core for motor 18.5 Kw with star dalta starter?
It is entirely dependent on the voltage supplied to the motor. At 230 V (wye connection to motor), rated current is 80 A. At 460 V (wye), rated current is 40 A. At 600 V (wye), rated current is 31 A. Different cable sizes required for each rating (for minimum cross-section) ... however, cable sized for 80 A will certainly do the job for the higher voltage ratings, assuming it is insulated for the appropriate voltage.
Q:Missing pinouts from my Power supply cables?
Handycam Camcorders do no longer draw potential from USB. you will possibly desire to purchase a alternative potential furnish cable. in case you're taking the camcorder to a place like terrific purchase or Radio Shack, you are able to possibly get a clean cable for little or no money (notwithstanding it is not extremely the valid Sony cable).
Q:How to transfer pictures from a old desktop to a new laptop?
Any power cable from any computer or normal monitor will work. Boot the computer, copy the files to a flash drive or external hard drive, and then plug the new one back in and copy the files from the drive. If it's REALLY old (doesn't even have USB ports), then the easiest way may be to open the tower, remove the hard drive, and plug it in with an IDE to USB adapter (you can buy one online, or see if a computer shop has one). Make sure you find one with a power source.
Q:PC works after unplugging and plugging motherboard power cables. Why?
cause its broke
Q:What kind of power cable do i need for a VIA VT6421A IDE & SATA RAID PCI Controller Card?
I agree completely with the reply above However SOME eSATA cards that have external power jacks to power the external drive will have either a four pin Molex plug (same as an IDE/PATA drive) or a Floppy power plug. And back in the day when Firewire was more common any good firewire card had a power socket on it, again, either a Molex plug or a floppy power plug. AD

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