Low-voltage PCV insulated(flame-retarding) power cable

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Low Voltage PVC Insulated Power Cable
1.20 years' experience
2.best quality and reasonable price



Cu or Al conductor , PVC insulated, PVC sheathed, power cable

VV22,  VLV22Cu or Al conductor, PVC insulated, steel tape armoured, PVC sheathed, power cable
VV32,  VLV32Cu or Al conductor,  PVC insulated, thin steel wire armoured, PVC sheathed, power cable



Cu or Al conductor,  PVC insulated, thick steel wire armoured, PVC sheathed, power cable


The product is manufactured according to the standard of IEC or BS, DIN, VDE, GB and ICEA upon requested.


The product is suitable for use in power transimission and distribution of electric energy.

Operating Characteristics

Voltage rating for PVC cable is 0.6/1KV

Max.conductor temperature:

PVC, PE insulated cable: 70°c

XLPE insulated cable: 90°c

Max. short-circuit temperature of the conductor should not exceed:

PVC insulated cable: 160°c

PE insulated cable: 130°c  

XLPE insulated aerial cable: 250°c

The duration time should not exceed 5 Sec.

The ambient temperature under installation: -15°c--45°c

The bending radius of cable should not less than 10 times of the cable diameter.

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Q:Will PSone power cable work on a ps2?
i dont think so is the power cord plug in for the ps1 round like the ps2 never hurts to try tho
Q:My computer is displaying a red message saying Power cable not connected plug into video card, why?
you have to open up your computer and plug in the power connector to the card, its easy.
Q:Will a psp go /slim usb data and power cable work on a dead psp go?
#a million. by no ability purchase memory enjoying cards from OKorder. ninety 8% of them are pretend. #2. it relies upon on what sort of telephone you have. yet sure, ive considered a minimum of two distinctive music telephones that use a similar card #3. sure, the usb cable is only a usb cable. the psp edge is a 'b', the pc edge is an 'a'
Q:Where can I buy a power cable for IVI Checkmate receipt printer?
Hi.. I think for all your power cable and cable accessories requirement this site can be helpful
Q:Does the Rosewill Green RG630-S12 come with a power cable?
Psus usually come with one, if not the cable is universal and is dirt cheap
Q:Will a PS3 power on without the AV cable?
You need the av cable to see and hear it but if it doesn't turn on at all it's broken. It should start with just the power cord
Q:How to add more cables to power supply?
Yes, splitters are available. But when you say you have the power, that is not the full requirement. Each segment of the power supply out (called a rail) has a limit. Too much draw on any single one will lead to device problems or even a failure in the power supply.
Q:XBox power cable problem?
My xbox had this problem. What power cable are you using? The original or the new one that Microsoft sent out to everyone? They sent out a new one because some Xbox's were melting the cable and some kid got burned or something. At first they replaced only those customers that say theirs had the problem, then they just sent a new cord out to everyone. Anyway, mine never had the power cord issue but I tossed my original and used the new one. That's when I started having problems. My Xbox would turn itself on in the middle of the night sometimes. It would also turn itself off whenever it felt like it. I couldn't get it to turn back on unless I unplugged the power cord and then plugged it back in. And even then, it would turn on and play fine for about 10-20 minutes and then shut off by itself. Really weird. I simply sold my Xbox, never called Microsoft about it, so I never found out what the problem was. So really, my only advice is, if you're using that new power cord, go back to the old one. I'm positive that swapping those cords was the problem for my Xbox.
Q:Replacement power cable for printer?
It is the same kind of cable for your pc power supply, just find it in computer shops.
Q:Can 110kv and 10kv cables co-share with trenches? What is the relevant specification?
With a straight pipe with a matching pipe (commonly known as the hoop), in order to prevent the joints at the slippery, PVC glue can be used after the smear. If the trouble, then use the electrical cloth cloth to the two tube package can also be strict.

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