lidding aluminium foil

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Product Description:

Application: Lid of yogurt package, dairy package

Alloy: 8006/8011/8079


Thickness& Tolerance: 0.03mm-0.05mm(±5%)

Width& Tolerance: 200mm-1650mm(±1mm)

Mechanical Properties: Tensile Strength (U.T.S)≥50Mpa, Elongation≥1%

Standard: GB/T3198 /ASTM-B209/EN546

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Question A: According to the Wikipedia, the specific compound is the hydrated potassium aluminium sulfate (potassium alum) with the formula KAl(SO4)2·12H2OTo find the theoretical yield (in g) of alumwe need to find the percent composition by mass of aluminum in alum using its chemical formula% Al [(Al)(100%)] / [KAl(SO4)2·12H2O] % Al [(26.9815)(100%)] / [462.29078] % Al 5.836478% To calculate the mass of alum that could be made from 1.00 g of aluminum, we can use a simple proportion: (1.00 g ) : (5.836478 % ) (X) : (100%) X 17.13362 g or 17.1 g rounded to three significant figures Answer: The theoretical yield of alum that can be made from 1.00 g of aluminum is about 17.1 gramsQuestion B: Since 10 mL is one quarter of 40 mL, then the amount of aluminum dissolved in 10 mL of the solution will be one quarter of the amount dissolved in 40 mL of the solutionAnswer: If 1.00 g of aluminum is dissolved in 40 mL of KOH solution, then 0.25 g of aluminum would be present in a 10 mL sample of this solution.
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Q:can you use aluminum foil pan for baking scalloped potatoes ?
Yesmakes for easier clean up and transport if you're taking to a potluck.
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I found really neat aluminum containers that are flat about 1/2 thick, and they open like a bookIt measures about 8 x 10I place the clear stamps on a clear acetate sheet and the sheet is secured (using dots, a double sided adhesive) inside the containerI file the aluminum containers like books on a shelfI had found these containers at Sam Flax in Orlando FLYou may be able to call them to find out if they ship or would they be willing to give you the name of the sourceYou may want to check out a real arty type store in your area for this or similar product Otherwise, consider a binder, and those really thick document holders (page protectors)Each of these pockets can hold and protect your sheets of clear stampsUse acetate sheets to adhere the stamps, before placing them inside the document holdersFound in stationary or office supply storesHope this helps.
Q:what type of bond will aluminum and Francium form?
It will mostly likely be metallic, aluminium and francium have the tendency to lose electrons and are metalsAlso, covalent bonds are typically formed between two non-metals (with exceptions when mentioning transitional metals).
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