Large Suction Home Appliance Vacuum Cleaner Made In China

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Product Description:

Large Suction Home Appliance Vacuum Cleaner Made In China

Product ModelZN901ARated Power1200W/1400W
Capacity15LNormal Frequency50HZ
Rated Voltage220~240VN.W.5.5KG
1,1.5MHose / 1pc ( Dia 55mm )
2, Long & Square Nozzle? / 1pc
3,Short Nozzle / 1 pc
4,Plastic Tube / 3pcs(35cmX3)
5,Non-woven Filter Net / 1pc

Article Description:

(1) super suction, ultra-quiet design, noise below 63 db. ?
(2) double bypass cooling system, so the machine to work long hours, the motor temperature to maintain constant temperature.
(3) The four-layer filtration system, air emissions of 100% clean, will not cause secondary pollution.
(4) This machine is a variety of attachment configuration, can absorb the dust of the sofas, beds, curtains and other places.
(5) The machine adopts adjustable air bend, wind speed can be adjusted.

(6) The machine adopts the caster design, you can drag in any direction, and user-friendly.

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Q:When did the following become common in homes?
TV in my home came when I was age 5. The washing machine had rollers on the top to wring out the water. My parents NEVER owned a dishwasher. My parents hung the clothes on the line; never owned a dryer. My mother used the hair dryer with the bag and hose. .
Q:How hard is it to replace a power cord to a Kenmore vacuum?
Q:Are Kirby vacuum cleaners really worth two thousand dollars?
Of course they're not (in my opinion). They're just really good. The difference in value for the $1,200 over the competition seems a bit stiff. Did you get a cooling-off period?
Q:Can someone tell me how to grease the bearings on a Dyson DC14 vacuum?
that's a tough one buddy-- I can't even grease my wife to make her work well-- otherwise whe might work like a hoover
Q:Do miele vacuum cleaners ever go on sale? Any Coupons anywhere?
It's possible they will be sold by a local store on sale, yes.
Q:Is there a vacuum cleaner that ....?
cant go wrong with a kirby, i have had mine for 6 years and works as good today as it did when it was new. stay away from dyson, in home daycare had 2 and both died in 6 months or less. they clog easy and they are bagless. i agree with you bagless are as bad as never sweeping.
Q:my parakeet tweety doesn't like baths why?
sometimes running water and vacuum cleaners and heavy metal makes birds want to take a bath. my cockatiel will land on my shoulder when i wash dishes and by the time i'm done with the dishes she is all worked up croaking and fluffing out her feathers that when i give her a spray bath with warm water she opens her wings and turns around and fluffs out for me! but at any other time she would not like it. buy a bird-bath spray in a pet store. you don't need to keep using it, you just need a spray bottle that never had chemicals in it, you can re-fill it with water. put the bird in the cage and take out all the food to keep it from getting wet. The spray the bird, but try to make the water fall on top of the bird, so spray over the bird to give it a rain shower, don't spray AT the bird. i think this sort of spray-bath is least painful for the bird in that the bird won't hate you too much. give your bird a treat of millet afterward. some birds will bathe themselves if you just leave a dish of water out for 'em. try leaving one out for a month or 6 months and see if the bird uses it.
Q:Is bag or bagless better for upright vacuum cleaners?
It is a personal choice. I like my Oreck with bags, since it is very light weight and works wonderful. My local Oreck store has a $99 sale going on, so maybe check that out in your area. I also like the carbon bags since I have animals, it keeps the smell down to nothing. The bags are easy to change and there is no dust being released from the vacuum, with no filters to clean out. My sister loves her Dyson bag less, but I find it a pain to clean out, and very, very heavy. I just do not see the point when you dump the canister and the dust just flies out everywhere, and it breaks your back hauling the thing up and down the stairs.
Q:Is your baby scared of the vacuum cleaner?
My baby that's 10 months already loves the vacuum. He's loved it since day 1. He chases it around the room when I'm vacuuming. But I think it's because when I was pregnant I had ocd or something cause I would vacuum like 3 times a day and he heard it when he was in my womb all the time. But I know the perfect gift to buy him for his year birthday, a play vacuum. LOL
Q:how do I get dog hair off of a fabric couch?
This removes fluff from clothes so it will also work on your couch since it is fabric. Good luck

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