High Quality Sealing machine made in China

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Product Description:

High Quality Sealing machine made in China

Description of High Quality Sealing machine made in China 

With BOPP adhesive tape as the sealing material, the carton can be sealed up and down at the same time. The motor drive belts on both sides are automatically calibrated and transported. It is fast and stable when sealing. It is suitable for heavy and relatively wide carton. When the auxiliary wheels on both sides assist the machine in sealing, there is no cracking in the middle seam. Table height, carton width height can be adjusted independently, simple and practical. Elegant and generous shape, equipped with blade guards to avoid accidental stab wounds during operation. The parts are stable and durable and have a long service life. The body comes with four high-intensity brake wheels, and the transposition work is very convenient.

Can be wired or stand-alone operation, manually fold the lid, up and down "one" sealed, once completed;

Tape applicator is precise and sturdy, smooth running and long service life;

In addition to the standard specifications, it is also acceptable to widen the machine and increase the height;

Standard machine table height is 600mm;

Using advanced technology to manufacture, use imported brands of electrical controls, gas controls and industry-specific motors;

Main Features of High Quality Sealing machine made in China

1, Good quality imported components:

The carton sealer adopts international advanced technology to manufacture and use imported parts, electrical parts and pneumatic components;

High Quality Sealing machine made in China

2, Exquisite high-tech international technology:

Has more than 10 years of experience in the development of sealing machines, while introducing and absorbing advanced technologies from Japan, Germany, Italy and other international counterparts in the sealing machine.

High Quality Sealing machine made in China

3, Unique and beautiful design:

1 The main color of the sealing machine is silver-white, and the machine color suitable for the corresponding production line can also be configured according to the customer's needs;

2 The volume is light, the pulleys are complementary, the displacement is flexible, and it is more convenient to install and debug.

High Quality Sealing machine made in China

4, Reasonable and powerful function:

1 According to carton specifications, manual adjustment of width and height, convenient and fast;

290° angle machine, cylinder automatic push box;

3 At the same time, the upper and lower corners of the carton are automatically sealed and smoothed, which is fast and smooth;

4 It can be combined with GPA, GPB, GPC models to complete I-shaped sealing.

High Quality Sealing machine made in China

Specifications of High Quality Sealing machine made in China 

Transfer speed0-20m/min
Maximum package sizeL∞×W500×H500mm
Minimum package sizeL150×W150×H120mm
Power supply220/380V 50Hz
Consumption function240W
Apply adhesive tapeW48mm/60mm/75mm (optional)
Machine sizeL1020×W850×H1350 (without front and rear roller brackets)

Applications of High Quality Sealing machine made in China

For mineral water, juice, beverage, liquor, beer, infusion bottles and other product development, speciality, stable performance, product packaging, fastening, beautiful.

Images of High Quality Sealing machine made in China

High Quality Sealing machine made in China

High Quality Sealing machine made in China


Q1. Does your machine fit for different volumes?

A: Yes, one machine can fill different volumes, which is based on your product information.


Q2. Can your machine reach different production?

A: Yeah, we can make machines with different of filling nozzles, and the nozzle numbers based on your production. You can adjust different filling speed within the range.

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