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Product Description:

1LUTAI Fiber cement board is a stable performance and light weight building &decoration board used cement as major and natural reinforced, with the process of pulping,emulsion,forming,pressurization,autoclaving,

drying and surface treatment.

Thickness : 4.5mm-30mm

Size :1200*2400mm, 1220*2440mm,  any size that u need .

Surface : 40#-120# sanding surface , polished surface , tapered edge .

2Product characteristics :

Density : 1.2-1.5G/CM3

Fire-proof  Rate : A-Class incombustible (GB8624-1997)

Incombustibility(min): 240 minutes (GB/T9978-1999)

Water content : 30%         Swelling ratio: 0.4%

Anti-bending Strength: 16MPA Frost resistance : Don’t appear cracking and delamination after 25 cycles of freezing and thawing . (GB/T7019-1997)

Radioactivity: standard of GB6566-2001 (A-class Decoration Materials)3,Recommed application:

Partition board , exterior wall cladding , panel, suspended ceilings ,lightweight grouting panel, interior dry wall decoration board ,interior wall after painting and coating .

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Q:Does cement board go under all wooden floors?
You dont need cement board . You would just install it over the plywood subfloor. Personally I would go down to Home Depot or similar store and look at their floring and talk to a salespersomn there. If you have not done this before you need to find professional help.
Q:Installation of fiber cement board
First of all, according to the requirements of the drawings and the actual size of the field line, with the boom to the main keel level fixed on the floor, the main Between the keel spacing of about 1m, the cover keel installation must be guaranteed in the same level.
Q:is taping cement board necessary?
Always tape joints. it acts as an expansion joint. It actually allows the expansion and contraction of the board. You never see it or feel it but its there. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL
Q:What is the waterproof material for the bathroom wall?
Bathroom cut off the material three, tempered glass Tempered glass belongs to safety glass. In fact, the use of chemical or physical methods, the formation of compressive stress on the glass surface, the glass bear the external force when the first to offset the surface stress, thereby enhancing the carrying capacity, enhance the glass self-resistance Wind pressure, cold and heat, impact and so on. Flat steel, curved glass is a safety glass. Widely used in high-rise building doors and windows, glass curtain wall, indoor partition glass, lighting ceiling, sightseeing elevator channel, furniture, glass fence and so on.
Q:Can I use cement board as a subfloor instead of plywood?
To meet the structural requirements for a sub-floor, you will probably need 3/4 T&G plywood or OSB. Chip-Board is a non-structural material meant for shelves and cheap cabinets, and is not water resistant at all. I am not aware of any concrete sub-floor products currently on the market (some are being developed for commercial & multifamily construction - as a means of fire resistance -but I don't think they are available at this time). The current offerings by James Hardy & Sons, Durock (USG) and Wonder-Board are not sub-floors, they are underlayment materials, and should be treated as such. (Install & use them only as the Manufacturer's Installation Instructions indicate.) I prefer the USG product, but that's only my opinion; using any one of these products as an underlayment is far superior to plywood - NEVER use Luan plywood as a ceramic tile underlayment, it is not suited for wet or damp locations and does not bond well with the thin-set cement. The best bet is a quality installation of the plumbing (especially the tub or shower base) and then good maintenance (like caulking, keeping tile and floor grout in good repair. etc.). I suggest any of the cement-board underlayments available, just be sure you ask for the Manufacturer's WRITTEN instructions wherever you purchase the product, then follow them exactly. **************************************..... DO NOT use treated plywood without consulting the manufacturer of the treatment chemical used on the product; most are pretty toxic and need to have contact with outside air until all out-gassing of the chemical has stopped.
Q:Can cement fiber board be attached to fire board?
Can be affixed, with Porsche stickers, completely no problem. I am glue factory manufacturers, if you need the right glue
Q:I have installed cement board ceiling & after painting i found cracks in joints of board.How can i rectify it?
Cement board is used as a sub base for tile. As for joints you would need to fill them, which usally you use mesh tape and thinset and then apply tile, I am not sure what you have done.
Q:How to maintain cement board
Cement mortar plaster to water conservation, to avoid cracking, is scientific, it is necessary to do so.
Q:If I am installing a tub and enclosure, do I still use durock cement board?
You don't need to use Durock (cement board) if you are installing a surround. You would use that if you were putting tile around the tub. Other posts mention green board, and that is what was used in the past, but it is more common now to use a wallboard that is mold and mildew resistant, such as Gold Bond XP, made by National Gypsum, which is purple. You should be able to find that, or a similar product by another manufacturer at your local building materials dealer. Good luck!
Q:Can the cement board cut off the wall directly
Mud wall can not be directly painted, need to do something to deal with, as follows: grass-roots treatment, the new cement mortar wall should not brush paint, the general need to wait six months after the oil. If you must paint, can be washed every 2 to 3 days a time to wash the wall, repeated many times. Brush oil before, but also the application of 10 to 20% of the dilute hydrochloric acid water coated once to neutralize the cement mortar in the remaining alkali, to be a moment after the water to wash the acid water, dry. So that the new cement mortar surface layer will not appear after the paint color, loss of light, from the volume of the phenomenon. Old cement mortar wall is best to use pig water and water into rice soup-like, with rows of rituals in the cement mortar wall full brush once, dry and then full of pig blood putty. General cement mortar wall paint before the surface to remove the dust clean, with plaster putty cracks, depression and other injuries filled. Paint is also a very critical step, the general wall can be twice brushing enamel, the second time to wait for the first pass and then brush. Oil brush in the brush when the direction of movement should be about to brush down, so brush evenly, the connector is not easy to see.

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