Inflatable Boat for Fishing with Fiberglass Floor

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3.6M Inflatable Boat
2.Fiberglass floor
3.CE certificated

Good instruction


 3.6m Inflatable  Boat  


ModelOverall length cmOverall width cmTube diameter cmChamberMax power HPMax load kgMax Capacity PersonBoat Weight kg




Stand EquipmentOptional Equipment
Two pieces aluminum oarsUnder seat bag
Wood bench seatFront bag
Foot pumpBoat cover
Repairing kitsInflatable thwart

Q:What types of rubber boats do you have? Is it convenient to go out to play with a rubber boat?
It is convenient to go out for recreation. It can be disassembled, saved and flexibly transferred. Just put it in the car. If you want to know more, you can download Chinese rubber dinghy under Baidu.
Q:How to maintain a rubber boat?
In addition: the engine should be maintained1: used up, it is best to burn the engine carburetor oil. - unplug the tubing and start the engine to stall!
Q:How do rafts fix rubber boats?
Cast stone after B, the boat to the middle point of AB, both ends of the pull rope, the rope is fixed on the ship.That's OK, see the details.I went fishing with a friend last year, that's what I got.
Q:Has anyone ever used a rubber boat to fish? Is it easy to hook?
1, the use of rubber boats fishing must wear a life jacket.2. A rubber boat with a multi air chamber, and a multi air chamber rubber boat, which can be punctured in one air chamber, produces sufficient buoyancy in other chambers.
Q:What is the difference between a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke on a rubber boat?
2 stroke internal combustion engine, a stroke to complete two projects, in order to complete a work cycle, crankshaft rotation 360 degrees a week.
Q:How do rubber boat engines usually cool?
There are two kinds of rubber boats: soft bottom (inflatable keel and bottom board), this is enough with 15PHard bottom (RIB): fiberglass reinforced inflatable airbag, which can be used for a larger power, because it is necessary to use a trailer
Q:What material is good for a rubber boat?
Generally used temperature range of -50~150 degrees, non flammable, fire can be extinguished, with anti burning characteristics. Should be the preferred material for making rubber boats.
Q:What are the raw materials for inflatable rubber boats?
The main component of PVC material is plastic rubber boats, to adapt to the growing demand for entertainment in modern society, mass production of production lines, the advantages are: low cost, colorful appearance, wear resistance, and if the scratch defect is poor, easy to repair, the service life of 6 years, mainly for civil entertainment.
Q:The rubber boat with the motor that you bought in the Yangtze River will be caught by the police on the water? Mainly for fear of being fined or confiscated,
1, rubber boats with motors in the Yangtze River drive, will not be fined by the water police or not received.
Q:How does the raft come off?
Material: the glue used to repair the inner tube of a bicycle, the inner tube of a bicycle;Tools: Wood hammers, barbed steel brushes, scissors;1 cut the rubber (bicycle tube) into a circle;

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