Inflatable boat for fishing, 2.3 meters, 2 persons

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Product Description:

Structure of Aluminum  Floor  Inflatable Boat 

1)By 1000 Daniel polyester fibres made in Korea

2) double-side PVC coating

3)our  Inflatable boat boats are CE certificated


Main Features of Aluminum  Floor  Inflatable Boat  

Standard equipment 

+ Two pieces Aluminum oars
+ Marine grade plywood bench seat(one piece)
+ Foot pump
+ Repairing kits
+ Carrying bag


Optional equipment

Inflatable thwart
Under seat bag
Front bag
Boat cover
Extra seat


Optional floor

+ plywood floor
+ Aluminum floor
+ Air mat floor
+ VIB floor


Aluminum  Floor  Inflatable Boat Images






Aluminum  Floor  Inflatable Boat Specification


Overall length (cm)Overall Width (cm)Inside Length (cm)Inside Width (cm)Tube Dia.(cm)No. of Chamber

Net Weight (kg)

Max Power(Hp)Max Load (kg)Max personTransom Height (cm)





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Q:Do you sell license plates for yachts?
The inspection certificate issued by the construction ship inspection bureau will be issued to you after you buy it
Q:In high school physics, a speedboat is subjected to a resistance proportional to the square of its velocity (f=kv2)
Hello,This is the problem of work and energy. The tank has 20L oil, which shows that the energy supplied in the two cases is equal; the work done to overcome the resistance is equal during the running.
Q:520 with much of the FRP Yacht outboard machine right
Mainly depends on how fast you want to run But look at your long width ratio, the possibility of a speedboat is not large, it is estimated that low-speed boats, generally with 2 to 15 horsepower enough! If satisfied, please adopt and recommend!
Q:Use outboard boats to brake?
The ship, because there is inertia, the bigger the ship inertia is big, large cargo ships traveling at full speed in the reverse situation to tens of minutes to completely stop. The boat is relatively easy to manipulate. More generally the brake said just pick block after go into reverse.
Q:The difference between an adventure boat and a spear boat in the ancient Century
The harpoon boats harpoon can be plugged in place for ship body, holding the ship's operation (of a ship is not enough, more and more ships can drag), and harpoon boats harpoon also brought the ship to shore, or mountain, cool. Even the cannon of the adventure boat didn't hurt, so...They all recommend buying and making harpoon boats
Q:Why do the boats exhaust at the propeller?
The propeller is on blade rotation in the air or water, turn the engine power conversion device of propulsion, with leaves of two or more connected with the hub, the back side lobe is a spiral surface or similar to the spiral surface of a marine propeller. There are many kinds of propellers, which are widely used, such as propellers for airplanes and ships.
Q:Can the fiberglass 4-8 meter speedboat come out of its own DIY?
5 meters to download, no more than 12 people! The cost depends on the specific configuration, the general 30W bar
Q:A speedboat started in a calm lake and sailed toward the lake, in the process of fish in the water,
The speed of sound in the air is 340m/s, so at the same distance, the sound of the motor that is the first to hear the speedboat starts is the fish
Q:Which is better, a speedboat, a two stroke gasoline engine, or a four stroke gasoline engine?
Each has its own merits!1, the same horsepower of the two stroke gasoline engine than the four stroke gasoline engine purchase costs about 1/3 cheaper;2, two stroke gasoline engine burns two stroke mixing oil, maintenance only need to change gear oil, four stroke gasoline engine needs regular maintenance, maintenance costs are not cheap.
Q:150 horsepower speedboat, 100 kilometers fuel consumption?
The boat is not in the engine fuel consumption per hundred kilometers per hour is to count the maximum fuel consumption to 150 horsepower, after all with the size and shape quality degree of different hull

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