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The latest ultrasonic atomization technology, distribute water more easily absorbed by the body 3μm oxygen ions;

No fire aromatherapy cleansing zero pollution;

Third gear automatic shutdown time setting: 30/60/120/180 minutes;

Convenient water Timescale: How long plus water, at a glance;

Aromatherapy essential oils designed specifically for liner isolated water tank seepage;

Anhydrous self off systems, unmanned air can purify the house.

4L large tank ultrasonic humidifier amount of fog humidifier ultra-quiet home office

Model SC-616F / JS-516F

Item SC-616F / JS-516F

Applicable area 21-30 square meters

Functional ultrasonic

2.6-4.0 liter tank capacity

Fog port number 1

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Van. Better security and if you get caught in the rain, better protection of the electrical equipment.
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If you have the design drawings, you simply have to make a material take-off list. The main drawings are: General Layout Grounding Layout Electrical Equipment Layout / Schematic Riser Diagram (Fire Alarm) Lighting Layout At the very least, you need to have the General Layout drawings (to know how many rooms you've got) and you need to know the electrical levels since some houses might require 380/480 3-phase for elevators and large electrical equipment. Working room by room, you will estimate cable and conduit lengths, the number and specifications of the DBs, number of lights, outlets, switches, buzzers, intercoms, smoke detectors.
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There are many different areas of specialization in electrical engineering.

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