Hot Sale Carbon Fiber Tube,3K Carbon Fiber 13mm,11mm

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Hot Sale Carbon Fiber Tube, 3K Carbon Fiber Pipe

Product Information:

Material: carbon fiber




Surface:Crude,Smooth,Polished,High glossy,Matt,3K,6K,12K.

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We can supply Carbon Fiber Tubes at best price and high quality.

Carbon Fiber Tube- 100% Real Carbon Fiber.

We can supply custom size,weave,thickness,diameter according to what customer want.

Please do not hesite to tell us what you want.

Application:Motorcycle parts, automotive parts, golf shaft & stick, kite parts,fishing rods,baseball bat,hockey stick,flagpole,other sports equipments or accessories and etc.

Our Carbon Fiber Tube is great performance and appearance. Made from attractive pattern plain or Aerospace grade 2x2 twill weave carbon fiber fabrics. CCF special tooling and structural grade epoxy resin system assures a durable and beautiful mirror like - high gloss finish or Scratch resistant matte finish right from the tool. CCF can control more precise dimension with high accuracy mould.

CCF is the Carbon Fiber products specialist. You can choose as the following.
* Surface-High Grossy or Scratch resistant matte finish
* Appearance: 1K or 3K or 6k or 12K carbon cloth, Plain or Twill weave.
* Thinckness: Just as your requirement.
* Process: Molding, Vacuum, handcraft, RTM and etc.
* Outer Dia.:  5mm~.
* Inner Dia.:  4.2mm~
* Length: per your requirement
* Thickness: 0.5mm or more or per your requirement
* Package:  PVC bag and Carton package or per your requirement.

Please contact us for more information,thanks!

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Q:What does the pipe connector type "10-R1/4" mean?
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No, it must be treated fundamentally, welded pipe or change the sealing ring
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The joint is tapered and the pipe is straight, which requires the use of special tools to extend the end of the pipe to the bell mouth
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3/8 is an English name. We call it "10 connectors", referring to the outer diameter of this joint.
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