High Temperature Resistant Acrylic Coated Fiberglass Fabric

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500 m²
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300000 m²/month
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Product Description:

Description: The acrylic coated glass fiber cloth overcomes the shortcomings of glass fiber cloth that is not wear-resistant, itchy, and easy to loose yarn after cutting, so that our fire resistant cloth als and performs processing on the glass fiber cloth. It has better wear resistance, easy processing and aesthetic properties. Acrylic coated cloth can withstand higher operating temperatures. Acrylic texture stabilizer with high quality is flame-retardant, low-smoke, temperature resistance of 550 C, feels moderately soft and hard, and has a reasonable cost. Therefore, this coated fabric can be made into welding blanket, insulation covers, fire blanket, fire curtain, fireproof cloth for fire protection. In high temperature operations such as heat preservation, welding protection, fire protection, steel, shipbuilding industry, etc.

Features: Fireproof, Abrasion Resistance, Corrosion Resistance

Application: Fire Blanket, Welding Blanket, Insulation Blanket, Fire Curtain, Welding Curtain, Smoke Curtain, Fire Doors

UNIT: square meter

MOQ: 500 square meters

Weight: 140gsm-3000gsm or customized

Width: 1m-2m or customized

Yarn Type: E-glass

Standing temperature: up to 550℃

Product name: Acrylic coated fiberglass fabric

Coating/Finish/Surface Treatment: Acrylic coated

Roll length: 50 meter or customized

Color: Yellow,Black,White,Brown,Blue,Orange,Gray,Salmon,Red or customized

Weave Type: plain woven

Alkali content: alkali free

Processing service: cutting

Material: fiberglass fabric, Acrylic

Thickness: 0.1mm to 3mm or customized

Size: can be customized

Supply ability: 300000 meters per month

Packaging: Acrylic coated fiberglass fabric rolls covered with film packed in cartons loaded on pallets or according to customers' requirements.

Lead time: 7-30 days

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Q:The difference between the projection screen and glass bead?
A bead curtain is covered with a layer of fine glass beads, the gain value is relatively high, generally around 2.5. And low cost, generally used for business and education, but because of its material is not environmental protection, after a period of time is easy to yellow, and not easy to maintain, is slowly withdraw from the market.
Q:Is fiberglass fabric the same as mesh cloth?
Glass fiber cloth is a kind of fabric which is made of glass fiber, which is mainly made up of silicon dioxide and obtained by spinning. According to the thickness of warp and weft lines, the density of warp and weft, as well as the materials at the later stage, are divided into many branches.
Q:How to identify the warp and weft direction of glass fiber cloth?
If there is a side, the yarn parallel to the side is warp
Q:Large screen whole electric lift screen, PVC good or glass fiber?
Look at the specific quality, glass fiber and PVC soft cloth are graded.
Q:Difference between glass fiber felt and glass fiber cloth
Glass fiber cloth is a kind of fabric which is made of glass fiber, which is mainly made up of silicon dioxide and obtained by spinning.
Q:How much resin does 1 square meter 02 fiberglass cloth need to consume?
Resin: glass fiber 6:4 technique can be better 5:5; high alkali cloth the most expensive resin; followed by medium alkali cloth; most of the resin is alkali free cloth.
Q:How much glass fiber cloth and how much epoxy resin does it take to make a square meter of fiberglass?
However, these data are probably different, each kind of resin viscosity (thin consistency), the more concentrated the resin will use more, and alkali content of different fiber, eat the amount of resin will be different, good eating fiber resin will be a little less.
Q:How about the difference between glass fiber cloth and ordinary chemical fiber cloth?
My major is chemical fiber. It's easy to tell apart! You can burn it with a fire. It can melt and drop like a candle. (careful not to stick to your body and burn it!) It's a synthetic fabric, not a fiberglass fabric.
Q:Silicone rubber and glass fiber cloth, capable of curing 300 degrees of adhesion method?
It mainly depends on the properties of silica gel:1 、 excellent resistance to high temperature and low temperature. The operating temperature range is -100 to 350 centigrade2, excellent ozone aging resistance, oxygen aging, light aging and weather aging resistance. Silicone vulcanization in the free state, placed outdoors for several years, no change in performance
Q:What's the difference between an epoxy resin board and an electric wood board?
Epoxy resin board strength is higher, electric board is phenolic resin plus filler heat-resistant better.

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