• High Speed Slitting Machine Horizontal Type GFTW1200C1, packing machine System 1
  • High Speed Slitting Machine Horizontal Type GFTW1200C1, packing machine System 2
  • High Speed Slitting Machine Horizontal Type GFTW1200C1, packing machine System 3
High Speed Slitting Machine Horizontal Type GFTW1200C1, packing machine

High Speed Slitting Machine Horizontal Type GFTW1200C1, packing machine

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GFTW1200C is a highly precision, accurate, sensitive, machine for slitting facility. It is suitable for slitting of Pvc, PET etc plastic films, materials and other different types of paper. It performs in stable manner and easy to operate. It Possesses visual, hhigh auto-operation advantages.

Characterisics :  

1) Motor use Finland ABB 5.5 KW Frequency ConverterSpeed Controlling Drive, ABB dedicated Frequency Motor.

2) Japan Agarizaki a complete set of data display list, Display Power and Voltage.

3) Raw material downloading Configuration is Japan Mitsubishi magnetic Powder Actuators(100N.M)-----1 set, Finished Product Configuration is Japan Mitsubishi Magnetic Powder Clutch(100N.M)----- 2 sets.

4) Unwind Configuration SIEMENS Text---- 1 set, Wind Configuration is SIEMENS 5.7 inches Man-Machine Interface-----1 set, Germany TURCK Photoelectric Proximity Switch----2 sets.

5) EPC / LPC System use MITSUHASHI Japan PW-800 E+L System and Remote controller.

6) Taiwan Harden Aluminum Roll.

7) Buffer Roll, Pinch Roll use Pneumatic structure.

8) Type Horizontal, High and Heavy, Complete Machine Case is wallboard structure, stress relief handling.

9) Interchange Cutter Structure, Convenience and fast, shorten transmembrane path, and reduce waste.

10) Unwind is No Mandril , Electric lock, Pneumatic opening and closing, Hydraulic loading material.

11) Wind Configuration mechanical Slip shaft --2 pcs and SMC Japan Precision air converter---2 sets, matching tension control, to reach air pressure automatic controlling, which reflect the perfect match for Slip air inflate axle tension control.

12) Press Film Roll use Pneumatic structure, rise underdraught, Pressure is adjustable alone.

13) This Machine with carbon fiber static elimination brush---3 pcs.

14) Most low voltage electrical of this machine are imported parts.

15) All kinds of fuses—each 2 pcs ; Inside hexagonal----1 set, 4” screwdriver---each 2 pcs.

     φ50×1200,φ50×1000,φ50×800 Press each 2 pcs,

     φ50×700,φ50×500 Press Roll each 1 pc

     Transmission synchronous belt each 1 pc, transmission cone—1 pc

     Handling edge machine----1 pc

     Present carry hydraulic trolley---1 pc

Main technical parameters:

Max. Raw Material Diameter: less than 650mm;

Max. Wind Diameter: less than 650mm;

Max. Slitting Width: 1200mm;

Slitting Finished Products Width: 50mm-1200mm;

Machine Speed: 20-300 m/min;

EPC / LPC Precision: ±0.3 mm (according to the detection line or picture);

Whole Machine Weight: About 5 Tons;

Whole Machine Power: About 8.5 KW;

External Measurement: 1800mm x 2770mm x 1400mm;

Q:What are the advantages of cement tile machine?
A machine multi-purpose, tile mode switch fast, fool-type operation, low power, CNC molding. Unique design, multi-functional hydraulic molding, user-friendly interface operation, advanced and reasonable layout, to fill the gaps in the domestic.
Q:The processing method of the tile machine
The billet is soft. Filter cloth part of the paste was dead, the next model of the local filter hole blocked, clean up. System without pressure, pump reversal: wiring error, adjust the steering. Insufficient power: motor failure or low voltage, power supply or repair motor. Oil pump temperature is too high: oil viscosity is too low, the pump is damaged, the cooling is insufficient or interrupted.
Q:Analysis on the Problems of Cement Shade Machine
Pan alkali base water, alkali or salt content is too high, the water vapor will bring out the salt and the bottom of the film or surface precipitation; tile body alkaline, in the water after the alkali will be discharged through the pores, the formation of small bubbles. Remove all the affected and the loss of adhesion of the film, to be fully dry tile body, treated with oxalic acid and washed with water, dry and then brushing; follow the construction specifications, do grass-roots waterproof, to ensure that the substrate conditions meet the construction requirements. Gloss uneven uneven base layer is not uniform, the adsorption of the film is not high; film thickness is not uniform; the same side using different construction tools; the same side using different batches of products.
Q:What steps are required during the installation of the cement tile machine?
Feeder installation: adjust the plane of the plate on the plate by the position shown in the figure. The plane of the shaking table is in a plane, and the board is aligned with the main axis to adjust the distance between the boarding machine and the vibration platform. Pallets in the transport when the smooth fall in the middle of the shaking table, the debug board will be connected to the host board and fixed.

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