High quality FRP tanks and vessels made in China of different styles

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FRP  tanks  and  vessels  can  be  largely  used  in  many  areas of the light   industry, petroleum, chemical, food brewing, transportation  and  so  on.    Such  product  can  resist  the corrosion of various acids, alkalis and salts.


•  High mechanical strength

•  High mechanical inertness

•  Resistance to weathering

•  Low thermal and electrical conductivity

•  Long Life

•  Non-toxicity

•  No need for maintenance

•  Light weight


The correct structuring of any kind of G.R.P. tank consist of three distinct types of layers:

•  Chemical Resistant Layer

•  Mechanically Resistant Layer

•  Outer Protective Layer


Resistance  to  corrosion  in  aggressive  environments  is  one  of

the  primary  reasons  for  specifying  GRP  tanks. These,  resists  a

wide  range  of  chemicals  and  temperatures  and  can  be  built  to

provide  additional  abrasion,  weathering  and  fire  resistance. The

chemical resistance of GRP tank depends primarily on the resin/

glass  matrix  used.  Other  factors  can  affect  laminate  resistance

including  liner  construction,  cure,  and  fabrication  methodology

and installation techniques.


FRP small-scale storage tank

JC/T587-1995 (Glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tank)

Large-scale storage tank

HG/T3983-2007  Industry  standards  of  Chemical  Corrosion-resistant  jobsite Winding  FRP  Large-scale  storage tank

HG/T20696 Design Requirements of FRP Chemical Equipment


CNBM  International  Corporation is  one  subsidiary  of  CNBM,  we  focus  on  offering  good-quality  products, professional  service  and  complete  solution  to  our  customers.  Strong  delivery  capacity,  advanced  technology

&  management,  strong  financing  capability  and  excellent  after-sale  service  are  our  advantages  in  sharing international market.



Q1:How Can I Get A Sample?

A1:You can get samples by communicate with our export sales.

Q2:How Long Is Delivery?

A2:Delivery time will be30-45days according to order quantity.

Q3:What Is The MOQ?

A3:MOQ depends on different items.

Q:How is the head made of glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tank made?
Process: the head is made by vacuum introduction and pneumatic demoulding process.
Q:What aspects of FRP tanks are used in general?
Cooling tower, methane tank, storage tank (non domestic water), etc.
Q:What are the technical standards for FRP tanks?
The resin content in the inner layer, the surface layer and the inner layer of the cylinder varies according to the storage medium.
Q:Glass fibre reinforced plastic water storage tank
The use of glass steel tank industry: ferrous metallurgy industry, nonferrous metallurgy industry, electric power industry, coal industry, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, mechanical industry, textile industry, automobile and motorcycle manufacturing industry, railway industry, shipbuilding industry, construction industry, light industry, food industry, electronic industry, telecommunications industry, culture, sports and entertainment industry, agriculture, aquaculture, commercial, medical and health industry, application field and military and civilian applications etc..
Q:Can FRP withstand 15% of sulfuric acid and nitric acid mixture?
The glass fiber reinforced plastic or its products as materials, the title of glass fiber reinforced plastic, steel or fiberglass. Because the resin used in different varieties, so the polyester glass steel, glass steel, epoxy phenolic glass steel said.
Q:How long is the normal service life of FRP cans? How long will it take if I use it in harsh conditions?
The quality of the resin will directly affect the service life of your product, and the specific environmental factors need to be analyzed in detail. Suggest you contact specific supplier, put forward your requirement, just can provide the product that you need according to your requirement
Q:Should I pay attention to those details when using FRP tanks?
One of the measures to prevent leakage is to make the double wall oil storage tank and the inner surface of the tank glass fiber reinforced plastic oil resistant impermeable layer. As a concrete method, the prepared oil storage tank is placed in the tank of underground reinforced concrete oil tank, and the glass fiber reinforced plastic oil resisting impervious layer is made on the surface of the tank. Thus, when the oil leakage occurs in the glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tank and the pipeline, the oil is not leaked in the impermeable layer of the glass fiber reinforced plastic, and the pollution of the underground water resource is avoided.
Q:My unit recently needs 3 large tanks for hydrochloric acid. The tank, which was made of fiberglass before, is of poor quality and cannot be used for three years
In a few years, I think it's important for me to choose a good manufacturer, although I don't want to advertise for the manufacturer here, but considering the hydrochloric acid tank, if an accident occurs, it will be a fatal blow to the enterprise
Q:What are the characteristics of FRP softened water tank?
1, beautiful appearance, beautiful.2, the water quality is good, there is no two pollution.3. The inner part of the water tank is provided with tension bars to solve the pressure problem of the super capacity water tank.
Q:Is glass steel transparent? Transparent and opaque glass steel have?
Glass fiber reinforced plastic to be pure and transparent is not possible, pervious to light can also be, pervious to light is to use transparent resin, without any filler and pigment, and the other is opaque glass fiber reinforced plastic

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