High Quality Fire Blanket CW400

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Loading Port:
Shanghai Port
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
5000 M2 m²
Supply Capability:
30000000 M2 Per Year m²/month
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Product Description:


Property of High Quality Fire Blanket CW400:


Light weight, Softness and smoothness, well handle


Heat insulation, High temperature resistance


Fire resistance, Self-extinguishable


Acid-resistance, Alkaline-resistance


Environment protection


Repeat using


Pratical Application of High Quality Fire Blanket CW400:




Size to Use



1.0m*1.0m, 1.2m*1.2m

drawing room









classroom building



1.5m*1.5m, 1.2m*1.8m


1.5m*1.5m, 1.2m*1.8m

student canteen






1.5m*1.5m, 1.2m*1.8m





1.5m*1.5m, 1.2m*1.8m



1.5m*1.5m, 1.2m*1.8m




Specifications of High Quality Fire Blanket CW400:


1000mmx1000mm, 1000mmx1200mm, 1200mmx1200mm, 1200mmx1500mm, 1200mmx1800mm, 1800mmx1800mm


Certificate: AS/NZS 3504


Fire Blanket


High Quality Fire Blanket

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Forfiber, specialized in production of fiberglass products.We have the full set production equipment and the craft from weaves to the post-processing. Mainly products include: fiberglass alkaline-resistance mesh, fiberglass self-adhesive mesh tape, fiberglass grinding wheel mesh, fiberglass window screen and metal corner tape, paper tape.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Shandong,China
Year Established 2000
Annual Output Value US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Main Markets 7.69% North America
7.69% South America
7.69% Eastern Europe
7.69% Southeast Asia
7.69% Oceania
7.69% Mid East
7.69% Western Europe
7.69% Central America
7.69% Northern Europe
7.69% Southern Europe
7.69% South Asia
7.69% Domestic Market
Company Certifications ISO9001:2000

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai,Qingdao
Export Percentage 51% - 60%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 11-20 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range High and/or Average
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