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50000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Using Instruction:

1. Place the product on the wall at a easily noticed and reached location or inside a drawer.
2. When fire accident occurs, quickly take out the product with both hands pulling the 2 black tapes.
3. Open up the product and hold it in your hand as if you are holding a shield.
4. Use the product to cover up the fire lightly and at the same time, cut off electricity or gas.
5. While the product is covering up the fire, use other measures to distinguish the fire until it is completely off.
6. After the fire has been completely distinguished, take off the product when it has been cooled down and treat it as an inflammable trash.
7. In case the clothes of a person are on fire, please wrap the person with the product to distinguish the fire and call #120 immediately.

Important Notes:
1. Firmly fix the product in an easily noticed and easily reached location (e.g. back of the entrance door, inside the cabinet of your bed head, inside the cabinet of your kitchen, trunk of your car etc.).
2. Inspect the product every 12 months.
3. In case any damages or dirt observed on the product, please replace it immediately.







Every six months take it out of the container and inspect it thoroughly.


Discard if damaged or dirty.







 Advantages of the Fire Blanket:


 A. No expiry date

 B. It has no poluttion after use

 C. Can be wrapped for Heat Insulation, Fire Escape

 D. Electrial Insulation and High Temperature Resistant




Why Choose US 


 1, Professional Production, Quality Assurance, Affordable, All Factory Direct Sales.

 2, Superior Material, More Better in Fire Extinguish.

 3, Fine Handcarft.

 4, Competitive Price.

 5, Good Service, Quality Assurance.

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