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Product Description:

  • Fire Blanket is a safety device designed to extinguish small incipient (starting)fires.

  • consist of a woven fibreglass fire resistant fabric.

  • a fast and efficient way to control the fire

  • can only be used once

  • Ideal for use in: kitchen,hotel,,autos,caravan boat, and welding industrial.

  • Certified to EN 1869:1997

BOX Package advance:

  • Single piece design for long lasting service

  • No endcaps to lose

  • Aesthetically pleasing design

  • Kinds sizes of container to accommodate full range of blanket sizes

  • Hinged lid for easy extraction

  • Moulded keyhole for



size availableQty/CtnG.W.N.W.Carton SizeQty/20'GPApproved
180x180cm20pcs31kgs30kgs48x31x40cm9400pcsEN 1869:1997
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