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The protection clothing  is designed for firefighters short time to cross into the fire zone or flame zone rescue, rescue precious materials, combustible gas off valves and other dangerous places to wear protective clothing. Fabric composition:Fireproof aluminum foil,Kevlar thick fireproof,Thick carbon fiber insulation blankets,E-glass fiber cloth,Kevlar insulation blankets,Comfortable cotton fabric.


aluminium fire suits anti fire clothing

Mainly included overall of protective clothing,Gold-plated visor Blinkers(Effective field of view:width:19CM;height:9CM); gloves;Insulating refractory boots(non-slip, heat, wear, insulation)


1) Gold-plated mirror the best insulation effect can be built at the same time the use of SCBA,

2) Thermal insulation temperature +1200 degree,

3) Scene of the fire continued for 20 minutes the internal temperature does not exceed 50OC,

4) Can be directly through the scene of the fire.

5) Use of open-front design, long fire zipper, double facilitate the rapid closure and open.

6) Fireproof rubber out-sole, the wearer can put fire boots directly into unrestricted.

7)Package can bring their own bag equipped, super convenient, the first time to the fire scene to rescue them


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