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Product Description:

aramid gloves any size and pattern.
fire proof

We can produce the aramid glove, any size and pattern.

aramid gloves any size and pattern.

fire proof

size : S, M, L, XL

aramid gloves any size and pattern.
fire proof


Welding Glove Features:
The welding glove features a selected cow split leather cut with a full sock/fleece/foam lining and welted seams. In addition, the work glove uses a gunn pattern with a one (or two) piece back. Finally the welding gloves provide excellent heat, spark, and abrasion resistance, while the soft cotton sock/fleece/foam lining keep hands comfortable.

different colours available.
wing thumb or straight thumb available.
Kevlar thread stitching available.

1.Heat rensitant Gloves

2.Material: cotton, aramid

3.Knitted cuff

4.Flame retardant

5.Different cuff color

6.We could also produce with logo print and label

8.Size available from Lto XL

9.Application: BBQ

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