High Quality Fire Blanket CS06

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Shanghai Port
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5000 M2 m²
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30000000 M2 Per Year m²/month

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Product Description:


Instrucions of High Quality Fire Blanket CS06: 


Fire blanket is a special treated fiberglass stain texture, it feels like silk, smooth, softness, compact structure, has no hurt to skin. Being 1.0mm thick, but it can resistant to high temperature up to 550. It can effectively protect human and object far from heat sources and spark-spreading zone and block the burning.


Property of High Quality Fire Blanket CS06: 


1. Light weight, Softness and smoothness, well handle


2. Heat insulation, High temperature resistance


3. Fire resistance, Self-extinguishable


4. Acid-resistance, Alkaline-resistance


5. Environment protection


6. Repeat using


Application of High Quality Fire Blanket CS06: 


Fire blanket is a convenient and simple tool which use in fire control system. It can be widely used in corporation, supermarket, shipping, car and house etc, it especially use in kitchen, hotel, recreation ground, gas station etc that can easy to be on fire area, react on put out on fire, prevention and cure the fire overspread, protection and flee for one's life.


At the earliest on fire, please directly put Fire Blanket over the fire, it can put out the fire at little time, Being soft and ductile, Fire Blanket is the ideal packing material to wrap the objects and equipment with rough surface, it can be widely use in the frame work and repair work in the shipbuilding industry, and also in heat -isolation, insulation and welding in the petrochemical Industry, Fire Blanket is the ideal protective device outfitted for the large shopping malls, supermarkets and the recreational facilities in which the welding and cutting have to be conducted. Our product can directly reduce sparks spreading and separate the flammable and explosive hazardous articles to ensure the securities of the life and property.


Specifications of High Quality Fire Blanket CS06: 


1000mmx1000mm, 1000mmx1200mm, 1200mmx1200mm, 1200mmx1500mm, 1200mmx1800mm, 1800mmx1800mm


Certificate: AS/NZS 3504


High Quality Fire Blanket CS06


High Quality Fire Blanket CS06


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