High Performance High Temperature Relief Valve

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High Performance High Temperature Relief Valve

Product Information:

  • Manufactured according to ASME SECTION I

  • Size: 1 1/2" -- 6"

  • Pressure: 300LB -- 2500LB

  • Temperature: ±520°c    

Product Feature:

  • The back pressure adjusting system utilizes the flowing steam to build and adjust back pressure, to ensure that lowdown is not more than 4% of set pressure.

  • Nozzle is welded with body, to make connection stable when it's serviced in the condition of high temperature and high pressure.

  • Connection of inlet and outlet is flange type, to make installation and maintenance easy.

  • Perfect guide design provides well alignment, to ensure that the operation of valve is agile and stable.

  • The selected materials are of high performance, which can be used in high temperature condition.

  • The nozzle and disc is faced with satellite, and lapped precisely.

  • Spring is produced through excellent technology, and tested under simulative service condition.

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Q:why cant i get any valve gap om my 1600 beetle?
The problem could be that the crank shaft has not been turned to the place to adjust the valves. The push rods could be the wrong length ones too.
Q:Water shut off valve?
you should have a shut off where the waterline enters the buliding and 1 at the water meter
Q:Leaking shut-off valve on a toilet?
Replace it there fairly cheap.Usally all you need is a wrench an pipe thread tape and a new shut off valve.probably less than 20 bucks total.Just turn off the water an flush the toilet.Place a pot under the connection so it will catch any remaining water as you loosen the connection.There are 2 large nuts at each end of the shut off valve.Turn them conter clockwise to loosen an clockwise to tighten.Wrap the threads with pipe thread tape on both ends before installing the new shut off.Its probably one of the easiest do it yourself plumbing jobs there is.Once you have the new shut off installed an tightened turn the water back on an check for leaks.If it is leaking you may have to tighten your connection a little more.Good luck,I hope this helps.
Q:I have 6 stations on my irrigation system, i can only find 2 valves outside.?
Factor is, we weren't there, and nothing is recorded about it, rather then what you're quoting. As for evidence - the earth sure has shifted around rather a lot because the opening. If there was once a first-class flood, when the waters gushed up from the deep as in a nice catastophe, tossing things about into layers far and wide the earth, the evidence won't appear like what you are watching for. What are you looking to disprove or show by way of this question?
Q:Replacing toilet water shut-off valve?
the shut off valves are soldiered on or threaded on it depends on which 1 you got. it might be easier to get a valve that looks like yours and putting the guts out of the new 1 into the old 1. as long as you can shut the water off to the valve
Q:How essential is an EGR Valve to the operation of a car?
Nice try guys The EGR valve has a few things that makes it boath a good thing and a bad thing. First and formost it is for smog controle. The idea is that an engine requires more volume to idle than air and fuel to idle. So if you dump inert exhaust gas back into the intake the engine (pump) will not have to work as hard to suck air and fuel. Because you are replacing fuel and air with inert gas NOx is therefore reduced. In late model cars the EGR valve is actually open at various rpm levels, different engine loads, and throttle angles. EGR error codes are usually generated because of + feedback to the ECM. This could mean that the EGR is stuck (clean it), The diaphragm is leaking, (RR) or the electronics that monitor the position are fried (also a replace) Other things that can cause an EGR code are: no vacuum to the EGR valve, or plugged Exhaust gas plumbing Good Luck Does an EGR help a car warm up/ Yes but that is just a byproduct does it reduce MPG maybe but you would have to have it on a dyno to messure the change. In any event on many cars you can plug it with a plate at the intake and everything would work BUT , if the feedback from the EGR or (like ford) there is no differance in pressure mesured through a fixed orafice. you will still get an error code
Q:do we have industrial globe valves with rising stem or all types of globe valves are non rising stem?
The valve in the upper left quadrant of the picture on this web page is a rising stem globe valve. This type of globe valve is common in cast steel and forged steel valves like those used in the oil and gas industry. They can be as small as 3/4 up to about 8 sizes.
Q:effects of a bypass valve on a car?
bypass valves are for cars with forced induction IEturbocharger,supercharger it allows the air that would normally be expelled into the atmosphere blow off valve and instead putting it back into the intake which helps with less lag in building boost again. If your car is not turboed or supercharged then forget it.
Q:Leak from Pressure release valve?
Our big brother( homeland security) has instructed the water company's to install anti back up valves in the water system to keep us safe from terrorists trying to back flow chemicals into the water system. I would check with water company and see if this has been recently done at your house meter.The problem is no where for the pressure to go when the water heats up. you will as all others will have to install a pressure expansion tank. If you find this not to be the case I would put a pressure gauge on one of your outside water valves and check the pressure.as the safety valve you are referring to will start to re leave some where around 70lbs and pop at 150 lbs. to keep from too much pressure build up. This can be caused by a tiny leak in the pressure regulator located in the incoming line. Hope this helps
Q:Coolant System Bleeding Valve ?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Coolant System Bleeding Valve ? Ok so I have a Honda Civic 97 lx and what happened was that when I did an oil change the next day the car started over heating, the car only had pure water and no coolant, the over heating part happened during noon when I was driving on the freeway the next day and not the night I made the oil...

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