High Density Fiber Cement Board Prices for Building

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$1.50 - 3.00 / m²
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TT or LC
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10000 m²
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300000 m²/month
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Product Description:

The raw materials of fiber cement board are cellulose fiber, silicate cement, quartz sand, water and some additives. It's a kind of high-tech product which formed through accurate dosing by computer program, hatschek craft and compressed by 14000tons hydraulic machine and autoclaved under high temperature and pressure.

Product Applications:

1.Indoor ceiling of industrial and resident building.

2.Partition of industrial and resident building.

3.The ceiling and partition of the bathroom and other wet condition building.

4.Indoor ceiling and partition as base board of the decoration for operation room,clean room of hospital or laboratory .

5.The fireproof board of the air passage.

6.Furniture or furniture's accessories.


Product Advantages:

1)excellent fire-proof

2)excellent damp-proof

3)Durability and long service life

4)high strength

5)stable dimensions

6)good heat and sound insulation


8)mould resistant

9)no deformation

Main Product Features:


1) Elegance and excellent decoration
2) Easy installation and convenient maintenance
3) Best Surface processed with PVC Lamination
4) Heat insulation, thermal insulation, moisture proof, mould proof, sound absorption and noise reduction

5) Incombustibility / Fireproof
6) No dust / no pollution

7) Stucturally strong

8) Over 15 years no transmutation


Product Specifications:


High Density Fiber Cement Board Prices for Building



1. Q:What is the different and most important point from other supplier? 

A:We guarantee No asbestos if it has asbestos density will be more than 1.4g/cm3 what's more 

3.2mm*3000*1220mm can be produced by us other suppliers can not do this size 

2. Q:What are the advantages of your board?

A: outstanding light weight ,heat insulation, waterproof, fireproof, sound insulation, fast construction.

3. Q: Is the board fire resistant? 

A: Yes, fire resistant 4 h , in the heat of 1000℃.actually it is noncombustible Class A1.

4. Q: Do you have any certificate to help us get government's approval?

A:China testing report and our laboratory' s testing by ourselves as your supporting document. 

Because building standards are different in different countries, most of our customers buy the boards for testing and get approval by themselves.

5. Q: If we need samples for customer approval, will it be possible? 

A: Of course we can.

6. Q:How to guarantee the quality? 

A:Laboratory, integral testing process from raw materials to finished product until loading containers will be done by our factory.






High Density Fiber Cement Board Prices for Building

High Density Fiber Cement Board Prices for Building

High Density Fiber Cement Board Prices for Building

High Density Fiber Cement Board Prices for Building


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Q:Will the decoration of the cement board with the kind of thin how many species
Natural wood fiber products are selected from 2 to 3 years old natural pollution-free Australian fast-growing trees, crushed high-temperature cooking into wood pulp extracted fiber. Through special technology and production process to remove the sugar and fat in wood, and the use of advanced technology to eliminate the electrostatic reaction of substances. The whole process without any chemical ingredients, and cotton are 100% green products. With a natural antibacterial health care, remove the smell, self-cleaning function, soft touch, not hardened, is a real, pure green health products.
Q:Bathroom tile, cement wall?
90% chance it is cement board, and yes, you can take the steps you thought of..
Q:Is it really necessary to use cement board when placing tile on plywood, like for a table top?
Use a slightly thinner plywood and glue it to the backer board. You will have adeqaute strength from the laminate and superior water protection from your backer board... The thicker plywood will find some use... it always does. If there is still any concern about table strength, redesign/ add to the table skirt (kind of like joists for a table top). why make it OK when you can make it great with a small amount of additional effort?
Q:What is the easiest way to put down cement backer board prior to laying ceramic floor tile?
If you want it to last you should thin set AND screw the cement board down. Cement board is not just used in wet areas. It is a dimensionally stable product and properly installed it will keep your tile and grout from cracking and/or coming loose. If you try to scimp on the prep then you will be wasting your time and money. Some installers do nail it down but bare in mind that this will void any warranty. Don't forget to tape the joints too. If the vinyl tiles are down tight and height room to room is not an issue then leave it in place and go over top.
Q:Really stone paint the external walls, with ordinary cement board how to deal with the base, what materials to do
The primary treatment: If the concrete base, in its surface with mechanical spraying or with a broom tossing a layer of 1: 1 porridge-shaped cement mortar (20% of the water with 20 grams of water to make the surface of the solidification, hand breaking , Concrete and brick wall connection nail diamond screen (width 300mm, mesh 10mm × 10mm), nail steel wire mesh before the removal, floating ash and other impurities, steel mesh should be flat and taut.
Q:Cement Board on Hardwoods?
Nailing could be problematic. Nailing hardwood is done at an angle and the hardness of the cement board may cause the nails to deflect. Try it and see if it works.
Q:Is it possible to sand cement board to make it a little thinner?
Q:Plaster, portland cement, and bonding to wood. How does it work?
When putting them on wood you will need to use some method to let the material ooze through the board or it will fall off. That is why they used wood slats and chicken wire in the old houses to hold the plaster on the walls. As for curing times you can get quick set or use an admixture to set it up in colder weather. Good luck
Q:How do I attach cement board to my kitchen floor?
I really like Woodtick's answer, and i want to encourage you to not bother with trying to install concrete board on top of a concrete floor. Not only is it very redundant, and expensive, and timely, but you also run the risk of seeing your concrete board crack under the tile, which would cause uneven surfaces and even tile breaks after installation. Concrete board is not very flexible, and is designed to go over soft, water damage prone materials such as wooden studs and joists. It would be a more structurally sound idea, and easier, and cheaper to buy a heat gun to remove the linoleum and adhesive with a scraper and lay tile on that.
Q:Cement fiberboard formulations
Add a new type of building material that is made of plant fiber, pulping, picking, pressing, and curing. Nowadays the most popular micro-spectrum analysis method through a variety of micro-spectrum analysis to accurately obtain the exact proportion of each component, access to high-quality formula.

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