Handy vacuum cleaner with telescopic tube and brush#H12

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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Model: H12


Handy vacuum cleaner with telescopic tube and brush


Product size: 380*280*200mm

GB size: 410*340*300mm

Load qty (20'/40'/40H'): 1000/1800/2000 pcs

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Q:what is the best upright vacuum cleaner under $300.00?
Q:Dyson Vacuum cleaners? Anyone have one and do you LOVE it, or is it just so-so?
As a person who cleans for a living I have used the dyson though it wasn't the ball roller. I found the machine to have strong consistent suction and good mobility but the thing I really loved about it was the head, it was so maneuverable it got under the lowest bits of furniture and into the tightest most awkward spaces. The one I used was also a breeze to pack away everything wrapped around the vacuum or hung in it's own little place on the actual vacuum. I highly recommend a dyson!
Q:Vacuum Cleaners.?
We use a Dirt Devil Dynamite Plus. It has a hepa filter and is bagless; it works great on our hardwood floors and carpeting AND our youngest has asthma and it doesn't bother her by kicking up the dust/pet dander.
Q:Cat is terrified of the vacuum cleaner...?
It's skittish my brothers cats will run even if your leg twitches . I don't know if there a coat you can get him like they have a thunder jacket for dogs. Leave the vacuum out one day and let him sniff it. Since you haven't had him long he could still be getting use to everything.
Q:Do witches still fly on broom sticks?
I use a Hoover, as it makes me fly faster! Occasionally, I will use a Swiffer Sweeper.
Q:Are you interested in roomba vacuum cleaners?
yes im interested in a roomba
Q:Info needed on Drill or Vacuum-clean motor used as generator.?
Plug-in drills and vacuum cleaners have usually been universal motors, essentially the same thing as series connected DC motors. I don't believe they can be used as generators without changing the internal connections. The Dyson vacuums apparently use permanent magnet motors as do battery powered drills. Those motors would probably make good generators, but you would need to eliminate the electronic control and connect directly to the motor coils. Any motor that can be used as a generator would generate the rated voltage at the rated speed for which it was designed as a motor.
Q:why are lights on vacuum cleaners
I think because when you vacuum under a table, sofa, chair, etc, it's sorta dark. That's all i can think of. :)
Q:what is green light for on heritage II vacuum cleaners?
The little green lite on the agitator head is there simply to let you know when the agitatior is running, or if the belt is broken and it's not running.
Q:something stuck in my vacuum.. should i take these screws out? pic!?
Yeah take it apart. Nothing will happen. I always take vacuum cleaners apart. Its not hard.

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