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paper-faced gypsum board panel standard

a.competitive prices

b.size:1200*2400/1220*2440mm rate is B1


paper-faced gypsum board/wall panel standard size

1 .firep roof: The fire rating of the gypsum ceiling board is B1.

2 .safe : The raw materials is environment-friendly materials. Our products are the ideal green building materials.

3 .artistic: Elegant in appearance, it can be used in schools, hospitals, conference rooms and so on

4 .long service life: We put the glass fiber inside, it can make gypsum ceiling deformation, high strength, wear resistance.

5 .convenient:Our products can be used in a complex environment and easy to clean.

6 .sell well: Our factory is a manufacturer of building materials with a history of more than ten years. Our products sell well both at home and abroad.

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Loading port: Qingdao port

Origin: Shandong china

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Q:Making a mural on plasterboard/gyprock?
I am assuming that what you are calling gyprock is what others called sheet rockor drywall which is gypsum (a chalk like material) sandwiched between two layers of heavy paper. If so this is a material that is used on interiors and is NOT weather proof. Exterior or a Marine grade plywood would be the ideal to use out of doors.
Q:what adhesive to use to Fix a fibrous plaster cornice to plasterboard walls and ceilings?
use bonding compound to stick the cornice, mix it up just like plaster adding the mixture to water, but make it quite thick so it will adhere better, if the cornice is fibrous plaster it will probably be quite heavy so using some plasterboard tacks to support the weight of the cornice after you have positioned them would be a good idea, otherwise they may move slightly under the weight, also remember too add the compound to the cornice and not the wall, putting large dabs on the both edges (ceiling edge and wall edge) DO NOT use normal plaster as suggested by someone else, other plasters do not have the adhesion qualities needed for holding heavy cornice work up, and if used will eventually crack where they have been bonded and may even come loose. hope this helps
Q:What is the normal home furnishings gypsum board specifications
1.2 meters wide 3 meters long 1 cm thick also have a little thick quality uneven price also 20 to 40 yuan range
Q:I need to drill a hole in my 6 condo wall for a TV cable.?
Two step process: Start with a very small but long bit for drilling through concrete. Go slow. REAL slow. To push too hard can chip away the stucco. The small bit will act as a pilot for you to go outside and drill the right size diameter hole for the cable. You can use the same bit to open the hole on the inside of the house. Just be sure you're not drilling into electrical cables, gas lines, water lines or wall studs. Just how you're going to make sure of that - you have to be smart. Best of luck with your project. '')
Q:What brand of gypsum board is good
North new building materials dragon card, Armstrong, can be resistant to Fu can. Dragon card with more.
Q:What is the difference between PVC paper gypsum board and veneer gypsum board?
First, the price of the former than the latter, Second, the former waterproof, the latter is not waterproof
Q:What are the characteristics of the Nexu gypsum board and the ordinary gypsum board?
Commonly used is the Taishan gypsum board, good quality gypsum board high strength, good moisture resistance!
Q:I need a 3/16 drill bit to drill through both the plasterboard and 2x4 wood stud inside. Would this bit work?
dry wall, plasterboard, wall board, sheet rock, all names for the same thing. Any drill will work on wallboard, or just drive a nail through, that will make a fine hole. Why 3 inches, that is too long? Warning, there could be wires or plumbing inside the wall. That is why you should not drill in more than an inch. Wallboard is less than an inch. If you hit a stud (and that will be obvious) 1 inch into the 2x4 will be plenty for a screw and will hold anything. Also, some new construction uses steel studs, which need special screws. Again, it will be obvious if you hit one of these. .
Q:What are the advantages of gypsum board ceiling?
Large-scale ceiling generally do not use gypsum board, with a large core board.
Q:What plasterboard to use... Insulated or not?
Only your local code enforcement officer can answer your question properly. Any other answer is just a guess.

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