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CMAX Gypsum Board Drywall Introduction.

Your drywall can be virtually any shape, anywhere. Choose from a wide range of heavy-duty system options that provide code-compliant performance in both fire rated and non-fire rated applications with labor-saving advantages.

1.Gypsum Board Drywall Specification.

Convenient Construction

The plaster board can be constructed easily by nailing ,cuting and planing,and thus it becomes the first choice among home decoration materials.

Raw material

The gypsum board is characterized for lightness and high intensity,dryness operation, green environmental protect, convenient construction and good processing quality.








Surface treatment

Paper/PVC laminated/foil back

Production capacity


2.Gypsum Board of ceiling & wall partition system.

CMAX System is a modern, non-load bearing and quickly assembled on site. The system consists of Gypsum Board screw fixed to lightweight galvanized metal sections and joint finished with drywall system is suitable for all internal applications for commercial and residential.

Exquisite, Modern and Adjustable

CMAX drywall system provides smooth, seamless and crack-free wall surface. Thanks to the distinctive property of CMAX gypsum Board, it allows easy further decoration by either painting or wallpaper work. Moreover, a renovation can be done easily without any disturbance of office building structure.

Durable and Standard Quality

Materials and accessories of CMAX wall system are manufactured by state of the art technology in accordance with international standards, such as, British Standard and The American Society for Testing and Materials. Customers therefore can be assured of safety, standard quality and high durabiltity of PRANCE Wall systems.

Lightweight, Easy to Install and Economic

CMAX wall weight much less than masonry partitions of comparable thickness, thus providing real savings in structural design. This enables quick and easy installation, and produces time and cost savings.

Specially Designed and Patented Materials of Gyproc

High quality galvanized CMAX frame metal sections of drywall system are manufactured by state of the art technology called drywall STEEL, to reinforce the cross section of metal sections. C-Stud is also specially designed to be easy when connected, which suits applications requiring extra strength or for length extension of C-Stud. Ready-punched holes from factory provide excellent incorporation of services.

Applicable to Various Usages as Required

CMAX wall system can be designed to suit various types of office application.
Office buildings requiring extra fine resistance, standard drywall system can provide a half-hour fire resistance. Other drywall Systems are also available to provide resistance up to 2 hours.

Other special properties such as heat insulation wall, high moisture resistant wall, acoustic wall, can also be provided by drywall system.

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Q:plasterboard onto metal?
use bolts. plaster and paint over to hide them. get the rounded, covered nuts to go on the outside of the shed.
Q:Gypsum board can not get bookshelves?
Yes, but the bookshelf is to be made of a backplate for fixing on the keel behind the gypsum board
Q:how do I nail wood to plasterboard... need urgent help please?
Hey John,use 1 5/8 drywall screw's.I'm assuming your not hanging a 12' pole.Putting some glue (Elmer's Wood Glue) on the back of the holder & screw through it,& into the wall.The part that the pole will rest in/on.That outta hold it.
Q:how to take down plasterboard to install insulation and then replace board.?
Are you taking down just the walls, just the ceiling, or everything ? If it's just the walls or ceiling, cut the seam with a sheetrock knife so you will have a clean joint to work to. If your taking the whole thing down, then it doesn't matter. Here's a hint. If you've never done this before, you might want to seek out a professional. Drywall looks easy, but it's not. Look for a house under construction and approach the guys working there for a name of a drywaller. Everybody in construction looks for side jobs. Buy the materials and pay the hangers and finishers in cash when they're done.
Q:Gypsum board ceiling price how much a square meter how much money?
Gypsum board ceiling price depends on the material, wages, technology and other factors, the ceiling is divided into the following four parts. 1. With more thick gypsum board, in general, 9mm with 12mm two, the lowest price is 18 yuan, 37 yuan each, the brand, then you are priced at 5-10 yuan each 2. What kind of material used as keel, in general, divided into two kinds of wood and light steel, the lowest price is, preservative wood side 25 bundle of four (400 * 25 * 25), light steel 8 dollars a main keel 30mm width. An average of 10 dollars per square meter of wood, light steel 12 dollars. 3. Accessories, steam nail nails, dry hanging nails, white latex, expansion screws, more than 100 square meters, less than 2 yuan per square meter. 4. wages, the gap is relatively large, in general, an area of more than 100 square meters, flat top 40, modeling roof (with light pool or bump shape) 60 square meters, if it is a large city may be higher. In summary, the gypsum board ceiling (single, no curve shape) cost is generally between 75-180 dollars, if the workers quote the profit is about floating about 35%.
Q:The difference between MDF and gypsum board
The difference between MDF and gypsum board - MDF features. Advantages: uniform density, easy processing, you can do carving, you can paste a variety of veneer and decorative panels on the surface. Hard density board by punching, drilling, can also be made of sound-absorbing panels. Disadvantages: the biggest drawback is poor water resistance, water swelling rate is large, easy to deformation; grip screw force difference; with plastic volume, with the glue is not good, the seal work is not good, then formaldehyde release will be relatively large. The difference between MDF and gypsum board - the characteristics of gypsum board. Advantages: moisture, fire, breathable, and construction is simple. Disadvantages: difficult to deal with the gap, easy to crack, no noise, no insulation (can be added asbestos solution), wall vulnerability and so on.
Q:Waterproof practices of light steel keel gypsum board partition wall
Dongguan wide by the high partition wall to get, do not have a waterproof
Q:is plasterboard and gyprock the same material and is it used for walls and ceilings.?
Gyprock is a brand of plasterboard. Yes, you use it for walls and ceilings. For floors you need a stronger particle board.
Q:How can I hang a floating shelf on my plasterboard wall so I can put a heavy CD player on it?
Before you commit yourself, check the weight limit of the shelf, if it says anything with its instructions. Floating shelves are not all created equal. Then check the weight of the stereo.
Q:Gypsum board can be directly posted on the wallpaper?
Stickers can be posted, but note the following: First, the surface of the gypsum board is not very smooth, paste the effect is not very good It is recommended that the first batch of putty to the whole seam approved, and then wait for drying and then brush in the above base film, the role of the basement membrane is closed walls. Such as the base film can be posted after the wallpaper. Second, gypsum board posted wallpaper life may not be very long, encountered wet weather may be moldy It is important to suggest that the construction steps are done. 4, on the glue (high-quality wallpaper glue); 5, posted wallpaper; 4, on the glue (high-quality wallpaper glue); 5, paste the wallpaper; Northern climate is dry, do not brush oil this process. If it is the southern wet areas, in order to prevent the wall skin back to mildew mold, this process is essential.

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