Gypsum board drywall plaster board Taishan brand

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Product Description:

Gypsum Board is typically made of an inner core of gypsum that is encased in paper. 

The strong laminating paper encasing the board can accommodate virtually any type of decorative

Product Applications:

Mainly used in those places with highg-rade decorationwhere strict acoustic environment is crucial,  

 such as theater, concert hall, museum, library, hearing room, gallery, auction house, gymnasium, 

lecture hall, multifunctional hall, hotel lobby, hospital, shopping mall, piano practice room, 

conference room, studio, recording room, KTV room, bar, industrial workshop, machine room, etc

Product Advantages:

1.Light weight in unit acreage

3.Strong nail holding power

4.Heat & sound insulation

5.Smoothness ceiling board


Main Product Features:











Product Specifications:

Gypsum board drywall plaster board Taishan brand






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Q:experianced plasterers help me please!!! Can Plasterboard be applied over a shocking wall?
screw studs to the wall vertically and screw board to studs then finish plaster
Q:I've got a wall mount for my 37inch tele but its got togo in2 plasterboard.Is this possible,any recomendation?
If it has to go into plasterboard, I'd recommend insurance for your TV, it's coming down. If you mean it has to go through plasterboard, then use a stud finder and hang the tv off at least two studs. It'll be fine and make sure to measure twice, you don't want extra holes in your plasterboard.
Q:Bedroom ceiling with a good board or gypsum board good?
I think it should be based on personal preferences and the overall environment to decide it? It does not matter good or bad, each have their own advantages. Gypsum should be cheaper than the board, the market price should be inconsistent everywhere. You can go online to inquire.
Q:The difference between MDF and gypsum board
The difference between MDF and gypsum board - MDF features. Advantages: uniform density, easy processing, you can do carving, you can paste a variety of veneer and decorative panels on the surface. Hard density board by punching, drilling, can also be made of sound-absorbing panels. Disadvantages: the biggest drawback is poor water resistance, water swelling rate is large, easy to deformation; grip screw force difference; with plastic volume, with the glue is not good, the seal work is not good, then formaldehyde release will be relatively large. The difference between MDF and gypsum board - the characteristics of gypsum board. Advantages: moisture, fire, breathable, and construction is simple. Disadvantages: difficult to deal with the gap, easy to crack, no noise, no insulation (can be added asbestos solution), wall vulnerability and so on.
Q:what adhesive to use to Fix a fibrous plaster cornice to plasterboard walls and ceilings?
Wickes sell a Plasterboard Adhesive
Q:Gypsum board is used to do?
1. ordinary paper gypsum board: ivory white paper, gray back paper, is the most economical varieties. Applicable to non-special requirements of the use of places, the use of continuous relative humidity of not more than 65%. Because of the price reasons, many people like to use 9.5mm thick ordinary gypsum board to do the ceiling, but because the 9.5mm plain paper gypsum board is relatively thin, the intensity is not high, in the recent more rainy wet conditions prone to deformation, Recommended to do the best choice for more than 12mm ceiling gypsum board. At the same time, the use of thicker plates is also an effective means of preventing joint cracking. 2. Water-resistant paper gypsum board: green paper, green back, its core and face paper have been waterproof. According to the requirements of the national standard, water-resistant plaster board and board core must meet a certain degree of water requirements (surface water absorption of not more than 160 grams, water absorption of not more than 10%). Suitable for humid places and areas with high humidity. In the most recent rainy season, it is best to use water resistant plasterboard. Waterproof paper gypsum board for continuous relative humidity of not more than 95% of the use of places, such as bathroom, bathroom and so on. 3. Fire-resistant plaster board: red paper, gray back paper, the core of the core to increase the refractory materials and a large number of glass fiber. If you cut the gypsum board, you can see from the cross section to see a lot of glass fiber. Good quality refractory plaster board should choose a good refractory performance of alkali-free glass, the general products are used in the alkali or high alkali glass.
Q:when skimming walls, can you do it over backing paper or does it have to be directly on the plasterboard??
I'm no expert but would think you would need to remove backing paper before plaster goes over it , or paper will become very wet and start peeling away with plaster attached ........................... :)
Q:What is the normal home furnishings gypsum board specifications
2.4 meters long 1.2 meters wide, there are 3.0 meters long 1.2 meters wide, this can be determined according to the actual situation, the plastic buckle is 2.5 wide and 6.0 meters long
Q:Is it a good idea to drill into plasterboard?
I agree with steve but as we all know, there's time when you just cn't use a stud. The wing type work well but can be a pain to work with , especially if your not used to them. There is an anchor we started using for these situations called Zipits They look like overgrown screws. You use a phillips to start a hole where you want the anchor to go, the Zipit will have a pointed shaft that goes into the hole and is followed by oversized threads. Use the phillips screwdriver to screw it into the wall until it's flush. Now it will receive a screw to hold whatever you want. After you've done one to see how, it'll only take about 30 seconds to install the next one. it's that fast and they're strong enough to hold whatever a wing-type will and probably more. If you guys haven't tried them yet , do it, you'll love them..if you have to take them out, just unscrew them and then you have a much smaller hole to patch... find them at lumber yards, building centers , etc...
Q:Gypsum board how much money a
You only see the cheapest price, the so-called price of a sub-goods, eight or nine pieces of gypsum board is a small workshop production did not quality low-quality goods. Of course, this kind of thing is also someone wants.

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