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Product Description:

asterboard: High strength natural gypsum powder as material,excellent quality face paper makegypsum board high performance



Product Introduction:
1. Light weight: in favor of anti-shake and save the building cost
2. Keep warm and Heat insulation: special lacunaris structure.
3. Fireproof: gypsum core is noncombustible,  can absorb heat to postpone the rise of temperature around when it meet fire.
4. Sound insulation: has special cavum structure, improve the sound absorption performance in large degree.


1.Standard Type(ivory protective paper), 
2.Fire Resistant type (red protective paper), 
3.Moisture Resistant type (green protective paper);


Width:  1200mm; 1220mm, 
Thick:7.5mm;8.5mm;9mm;9.5mm;10mm;12mm;12.5mm; 12.7mm; 15mm;15.9mm
Length:1800mm;1830mm;2400mm;2440mm;2700mm; 3000mm;


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Q:Do you use a gypsum board to make a wall that is neither strong nor clean?
Gypsum board can generally do partition, sound insulation is very good. And the construction is convenient. But the wall can not hang something only. When the wall is made, it is usually pre-installed keel frame, and then the gypsum board installed on the keel, and then paint or paste wallpaper, and the concrete wall looks no different. As long as the keel is strong, then the gypsum wall is very strong. However, because the essence of gypsum hard, but not suitable for hanging in the above things, so similar to the frame painting is not suitable for direct suspension, unless you find the keel, nail on the keel above Caixing. If there is no hanging weight, then the gypsum wall is still very practical.
Q:Gypsum board ceiling paint process
Q:Warehouse in the office with Caigang sandwich panels or light steel keel gypsum board?
Caigang sandwich board is good, at least after the partition to do inside the office inside the winter is relatively warm, unless the winter you have the company warehouse heating! Color steel sandwich board material price 30 yuan / ㎡, gypsum board package package material about 40 yuan / square, aluminum alloy grille more expensive, so the color steel sandwich board construction is convenient, low cost of materials, insulation effect, sound insulation effect is better than The other two
Q:How to install the ceiling gypsum board
Q:Gypsum board ceiling plum blossom how to do
Determine the center of the circle, draw a circle, the circle according to the length of five equal parts, connecting two adjacent points, the length of the circle is the radius of the flower, the midpoint is the center of the braided round. So that you can draw a plum blossom, and then is in accordance with the graphics modeling, put mold. Cut with a wooden keel cut into small mouth. Light steel keel gypsum board: gypsum board and light steel keel combination, it constitutes a light steel keel gypsum board. Introduction to the ceiling: Ceiling (English name: sprung roof) refers to the housing living environment of the top decoration. Simply put, refers to the decoration of the ceiling, is an important part of interior decoration. Ceiling with insulation, insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption of the role, but also electrical, ventilation and air conditioning, communications and fire, alarm pipeline equipment and other projects hidden layer. Home decoration ceiling is a common part of home improvement. The ceiling is different according to the material of the decorative plate, and the classification is not the same. Ceiling decoration materials is the main basis for distinguishing the name of the ceiling, mainly: light steel keel gypsum board ceiling, gypsum board ceiling, mineral wool board ceiling, plywood ceiling, profiled long strip of aluminum slab ceiling, Glass ceiling, aluminum honeycomb perforation sound-absorbing panels such as ceiling. In the whole room decoration occupies a very important position on the top of the room for the appropriate decoration, not only to beautify the indoor environment, but also create a colorful interior space art image. In the choice of ceiling decoration materials and design programs, to follow the two materials, solid, safe, and beautiful, practical principles.
Q:Why not join plasterboard on the noggins?
Fastening to any solid lumber is preferred. As long as they are flush with the studding, I don't see the issue.
Q:How to identify waterproof gypsum board and general gypsum board?
1, the difference between the two is that: ordinary gypsum board core and the surface layer and the surface layer of materials do not do waterproof; and waterproof gypsum board core and the surface layer and surface material to do waterproofing. 2, ordinary gypsum surface into a gray paper, double-sided color the same, waterproof gypsum board, also known as cement pressure board with white and dark gray, the surface side is smooth, one side is rough; general interior latex paint is not waterproof, Exterior wall paint is waterproof.
Q:Under what circumstances to use double gypsum board ceiling
Rarely present it! Is generally a layer of. Is it possible to have a layer of gypsum board in order to reduce the height? The But there is not much difference.
Q:Gypsum board ceiling can be installed sound what Mody
You refer to the gypsum board hanging speakers, then to find hanging bars (ceiling of the keel), or additional hanging bars, it is not on the wall!
Q:Gypsum board can be directly posted on the wallpaper?
Stickers can be posted, but note the following: First, the surface of the gypsum board is not very smooth, paste the effect is not very good It is recommended that the first batch of putty to the whole seam approved, and then wait for drying and then brush in the above base film, the role of the basement membrane is closed walls. Such as the base film can be posted after the wallpaper. Second, gypsum board posted wallpaper life may not be very long, encountered wet weather may be moldy It is important to suggest that the construction steps are done. 4, on the glue (high-quality wallpaper glue); 5, posted wallpaper; 4, on the glue (high-quality wallpaper glue); 5, paste the wallpaper; Northern climate is dry, do not brush oil this process. If it is the southern wet areas, in order to prevent the wall skin back to mildew mold, this process is essential.

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