Paper Faced Gypsum Board

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Product Description:


1) Sepcial healthy breath function
2) Cost effective and more reliable, easy to install
3) moisture-resistance Fireproof

durable moistureproof gypsum board

1)Raw materials

gypsum powder,gypsum retaining paper,fiber(wood fiber,paper fiber,fiber glass),corn, starch,vesicant,lightweight aggregate,citric acid,water,adhesive,etc.

2)Product Description(size and thickness)

Normal size: 2440x1220mm, 2400x1200mm 3600*1200,3000*1200,1830*1220.
Normal thickness scope:7.0,7.5,8.0,8.5mm,9mm,9.5mm10mm,12mm,15mm.
Length scope: 1800-3660mm, Width scope: 900-1220mm,
Thickness scope: 6.00-15.90mm .
About other specification, we could process for you according to your special demand.

3)Qyality standard(thickness):






unit area mass

landscape breaking load

potait breaking load


-4 to 4

-4 to 0


less than 5mm


more than 140N

more than 400N


Two pieces glued together, packed by hand with labels on.


Transportation: By 20'Container or 40'container
















1050(40 FCL)



Loading port: Qingdao port

Origin: Shandong china

6)Fuction,Advantage and Use

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Q:What are the specifications of the light steel keel and gypsum board for the partition wall?
The thickness of the wall light steel keel is generally 75mm and 100mm, according to the requirements of the party. Gypsum board has 2400 * 1200 and 3000 * 1200 (unit mm) two, the specific use of that specification, as the case may be.
Q:i have to plaster a plasterboards?
Were you drinking when you asked this?
Q:How do you paint direct onto plasterboard in a bathroom.?
use primer first then paint. the primer will absorb into the plasterboard coating the board first. using primer will help save on the paint you will be using. you will probably have to do two-three coats since you have virgin boards. good luck!!!
Q:can i plasterboard over a crappy wall thats a mix of tile , plaster and board then tile the new boards?
I have to agree with pacman. I have found too many nasty surprises buried in other peoples work. From your description it does not sound like the people that did the work on the wall really knew what they were doing. Save yourself future problems. Fix it properly now, Good luck.
Q:Gypsum board small production equipment how much money
You intend to do what size, and if it is a small workshop class, may also be hundreds of thousands (registered capital, equipment, plant, personnel, taxes, etc.) If the medium, about 2 million or so (my boss was doing this before, medium-sized, investment 2.58 million) It's hard to say it's big. The The But also to ensure adequate follow-up funds to prevent cash flow is not working
Q:Why not join plasterboard on the noggins?
Lampost just curious what are noggins
Q:Can the kitchen and bathroom ceiling be gypsum board?
Now a lot of moisture gypsum board, kitchen, bathroom we often do, you can use, you can also consider using TK board, but also moisture. Like Taishan, Lafarge, dragon card, can be resistant and other brands have moisture-proof series
Q:What is the difference between plasterboard/wallboard/ baseboard?
or you can get some drywall base boards go on the bottom of the wall where it meets the floor plaster board is for patching a broken ceiling u can use drywall to its all basically the same thing but drywall is the cheapest for sure
Q:How do I plaster board?
plasterboard uaually comes in an 8 ft. x 4 ft.x 1/2 inch. sheet which you cut with a saw or a utility knife to suit the space area . screw only into 2x4 studs do not screw into lath strips. if you have lath strips on your wall, then you really don't need concrete board plaster board ( DRYWALL ) and concrete board ( DUROCK ) are usually used on walls when installing tiles either in the kitchen or on the bathroom if you are installing 4 inch tiles drywall will be good enough but you will need to use ACRYL-PRO adhesive since it is an acrylic poly blend sandless grout which will not allow water to penetrate through the tile seems. Now is the time to go to your local Home Center Store and buy a How to book , this will be the best explanation for HOW TO TILE Good Luck
Q:Do you use a gypsum board to make a wall that is neither strong nor clean?
Gypsum board fake wall is possible. Gypsum board cut off the construction process is the case, the workers first do light steel keel frame, then attached gypsum board. So the strength of gypsum board false wall can meet the daily use. The gypsum board surface can be the same as the ordinary wall to do the same level of processing wall paint, so the basic and the general wall is not much difference.

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