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paper-faced gypsum board panel standard

a.competitive prices


c.fire rate is B1


paper-faced gypsum board/wall panel standard size

1 .firep roof: The fire rating of the gypsum ceiling board is B1.

2 .safe : The raw materials is environment-friendly materials. Our products are the ideal green building materials.

3 .artistic: Elegant in appearance, it can be used in schools, hospitals, conference rooms and so on

4 .long service life: We put the glass fiber inside, it can make gypsum ceiling deformation, high strength, wear resistance.

5 .convenient:Our products can be used in a complex environment and easy to clean.

6 .sell well: Our factory is a manufacturer of building materials with a history of more than ten years. Our products sell well both at home and abroad.  

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Loading port: Qingdao port

Origin: Shandong china

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Q:Can the integrated ceiling lamp be installed on the gypsum board ceiling?
I looked at the picture of the lamp is 600 * 300mm embedded installation is a dome, in fact, this can be more easy to install your. You just open a rectangular hole in the position, the hole according to the dome of the embedded body size to open, if the gypsum board edge without keel, in the edge of the mosaic of wood can be fixed to install.
Q:Under what circumstances to use double gypsum board ceiling
Rarely present it! Is generally a layer of. Is it possible to have a layer of gypsum board in order to reduce the height? The But there is not much difference.
Q:How to deal with damp/wet skirting boards that are attached to plasterboard?
I had the same problems when renovating an old house. Your best option would be to use an impact adhesive such as 'No more nails'. At first, I had mixed results and found it best to support the skirting while the adhesive is drying. Nail a block to the floor close to the skirting and tap a wedge into the gap. Repeat roughly every six feet - works a treat.
Q:Light steel keel paper gypsum board ceiling, partition price per square meter
See your local labor costs is how much, if the carpentry wages by 200 yuan a day calculation, 3.5m below the light steel keel gypsum board partition 95 yuan / m2 or so. Gypsum board ceiling, hanging flat: 110 yuan / m2 left, two down the ceiling: 130 yuan / m2 or so, (pure light steel keel gypsum board ceiling, without 6mm flame retardant plywood at the end.
Q:Plasterboard only fixings to support 15kg TV?
you may find if you check the wall out there is timber uprights and cross pieces, if you can get into them it should be ok,they are usualy about 46cm apart
Q:The difference between MDF and gypsum board
The density board is woody, the gypsum board is gypsum pressed out. Their use is not the same, the function is not the same. Gypsum board is generally used to fight off the ceiling and ceiling, MDF for the bottom of the material.
Q:Plasterboard alternative for a model?
I have no idea why you would make a dome like one would make an iglu? When you could use plaster of paris in the same why you'd do paper mache or putting an arm in a cast. Blow up a ballon to just under the size of the dome you need then apply the plaster thicker when you get close the size you want so to be able to cut it to size and sand it smooth.
Q:replacing an old plater ceiling with new plasterboard?
It is attached to metal lathe and seems to be pretty tight. I wouldn't take it down unless you have to for some reason. We oftentimes laminate new wallboard over the existing plaster. Use construction adhesive on the back of the new wallboard and 3 drywall screws and screw through to the joists above. If you're almost to the point of total removal, you can use a reciprocating saw ( with proper eye and breathing protection) and run it through the wire lathe between the joists then pry down the separated pieces. In a bathroom, use moisture resistant drywall at a minimum or mold and moisture resistant.
Q:I've got a wall mount for my 37inch tele but its got togo in2 plasterboard.Is this possible,any recomendation?
Just make sure you hit the studs and it will be fine!
Q:Do I need to replace my plaster ceiling plasterboard that got soaked from an upstairs bathroom leak? ?
If you are absolutely certain the leak has been fixed and there is no more water dripping... 1. Place a fan facing toward the ceiling for about a week or as long as it takes to make sure the ceiling is completely dry. 2. Paint the stained area with Killz. (Not sure of the spelling but it's a water stain retardant) Let it dry overnight, regardless of what the directions say telling you it's dry in less than two hours. 3. Paint the surface again with Killz 24 hours later. 4. Wait 24 hours to see if the stain is visible. If it is, paint another coat of Killz. 5. If the stain is undetectable, wait 48 hours and paint the ceiling with with the color of your choice. A second coat of paint may be required.

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