GGD-AC LV cabinet

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GGD-AC LV cabinet

GGD-AC LV cabinet is applied to distribution system of AC 50HZ, rated voltage 380V, rated current up to 3150A for power users,  such as power plant, substation, mining corporation and etc.,and used for driving power, illumination and energy conversion, distributionand control for

distribution equipments.

GGD cabinet broke through the structure form of old products.  Its basic frame is partial welded by cold roll forming sectiona lsteel of 8MF.  The parts of common used cabinet are designed according to moduleprinciple with installing holes of 20 modules, and the interchange ability of the parts is high. The design of cabinetbody has a good natural ventilation system. The frame, door and face-plate adopt polyester stoving finish after phosphorization, which have the advantages of strong adhesionand goodtexture. No painting parts are all galvanized and passivated.

The protectiongrade of the housing is IP30, and can also be improved accordingto the installation requirements of users.

The connection manners of GGD cabinet normally are upsideand underside incoming lines, meanwhile, the manners of incoming lines fromtop, left, middle and right positions of the cabinet have also been designed tomeet different incoming manners required by all kinds of the project designs. Atthe same time, the fixed location in the cabinet is for special users, such aspower plant, to install additionally relay protection and auto devices.  

GGD type LV distributioncabinet conforms with IEC439: LV Switchgearand Controlgear Assemblies andGB7251: LVSwitchgear Assembly.

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Q:220v Breaker box for Lab equipment from Europe.?
You can get 240V. 60 Hz in 'The States'. Equipment designated 220V. 50/60 hz. will work just fine. Equipment not listed for 60 hz needs to be evaluated on an item by item basis.
Q:Bringing items on plane from the US back to the UK?
They might have a suspicion that you are importing items back to the UK (rather than having taken them there in the first place) when looking at the US-style electrical plugs. Given that these are not the same kind of plug as is used in the UK, you might raise suspicion when everything you bring back has US plugs (instead of UK plugs with a US adapter). I'd also note that failure to declare goods purchased abroad may make you liable for fines levied by HM Revenue Customs, as well as Customs seizing the goods. For purchases above the £340 duty-free limit, the taxes paid depend on the total value. The second link below states that the duty paid on goods in excess of £553 depends on the type of goods imported, and that you should contact HM Revenue Customs directly to find out what duty would be imposed.
Q:What size battery i need for my system?
To minimize the dimming, you can do the Big 3 upgrade. A deep cycle battery would be best. Now if the battery is going in the cabin, I would get an AGM or SLA. I would get a larger alternator if your charging the battery with the car. Now the size of the battery, I would get a 100-120Ah battery. I get this estimated Ah by taking 1700W dividing it by 13.8V. I am going by the 750W speaker rating and not the 1500W.
Q:Electrical Code question?
Curley, as I remember, one of your videos showed you and the other stooges connecting water pipes to the electrical conduits and the natural gas pipes, and then running water through these. Well ok, you did pull all of the wy-yas out of your electrical conduit before attaching the water lines to them. But I really think you should leave the home repairs to more qualified people, don't you think?
Q:Piece of equipment with a loose wire and getting shocked?
Is it static discharge or a 60Hz thing? If it's static discharge, it'll be a a very short jolt followed by nothing. In which case you can ground your body, like to a water pipe or something earth grounded, before touching it an you'll be fine. If the shock is a steady tingling, it's likely a 60Hz line voltage thing and it means your equipment isn't properly grounded. This can happen if a hot wire is touching the metal frame or enclosure of an appliance, like your equipment, and the frame isn't grounded. Ideally, any equipment with a metal enclosure should have that enclosure connected to earth ground, usually by the third prong of the power plug. I would get an ohm meter and measure the resistance between the third prong of the power plug and the frame/enclosure. It should be close to zero ohms. If it's not, make it so. Also check inside the equipment and make sure no hot wires(like that partially exposed wire) are accidentally touching the frame. In a three pronged power plug, one prong will be hot, the second ground, and the third is an extra safety path to ground. You can also use an ohmmeter to measure the resistance from the hot prong to the metal case of your equipment. Also make sure do this with the equipment unplugged :-)
Q:what is principle of lightning arresters?
In a way they are the same thing, but the lightning arrester works better. A regular surge protector protects against sudden surges in the power line much like a circuit breaker. It may not work on lightning because lightning has enough power to sometimes jump past that break in the circuit--to plan for lighning you need something much better, and it should redirect that energy back to ground rather than just breaking the circuit.
Q:Any problem if I buy a flat above the building equipment room (with big electrical/electric devices)?
Depends on the devices, I lived below a cell tower (literally 1m over head, installed on the top of my building). After doing as much research as I could on it, I found that no one really knows for certain the effects of radio waves on humans. If your major concern is just large voltage electricals, the greatest risks are fire, a small magnetic field might interfere with your devices occasionally, and constant low hum.
Q:How do electrical transmission and distribution system in australia?
Q:What is this piece electrical equipment that hospitals use.?
AED : automatic external defibrillator
Q:Getting A Claim For Damaged Appliances And Electronics By Power Surge?
I have actually heard of that working in my home town, but it would vary with areas and power companies. Call your power company and ask. Be prepared to submit your damaged equipment and sales receipts.

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