Oven heater for roaster 3000w oven heater 3000w oven heater

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Product Description:


- AC110V-240V, 500W-10000W
- High quality Low cost
- CE,CCC,ISO9000 certificated
- Hot seller model yearly

Item No.: KS028


1. Voltage range: AC110V-240V

2. Power range: 500W-10000W

3. Length: according to client's request

4. Tube Diameter: Ø 6.5 mm, Ø 7.5 mm Ø 8.5 mm,Ø 14 mm,Ø 16 mm,Ø 18 mm,Ø 21 mm
3. Material: Copper,Stainless steel SS304,SS310,SS316,SS321,Inconel & Incolloy sheath

4. Sealing: Epoxy PTV

5. Surface:Polishing,Nickel--Plating

Our preponderance:

We have strong engineer team, can supply enough technology support.

And our best moulding ability let us can produce all special heaters OEM for you.

If you have special shape and specification,we can open new mould for you

based on your appointed drawing.

Pls show us following important points when enquire price and sample:

1) Used voltage(V), and frequency(Hz)

2) Demand request power(Watt)

3) Heating tube material( Copper, or Stainless steel,or Iron?)

4) If you have Size drawing or product picture,or sample in hands,will be much better
and helpful f
or exact price calculation.

Send a message to us:

Remaining: 4000 characters

- Self introduction

- Required specifications

- Inquire about price/MOQ

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