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Product Description:

1.Brief Introduction


Pultrusion process is a mechanized process for FRP composites involves pulling a collection of fibers in the form of roving mat or fabric through a resin bath and then through a heated die to cure the resin, and then take shapes of profiles. FRP pultruded profiles are more than a kind of structure, which is very designable. Changing the choice of the materials and designs of the lamination process can make special properties for it. It can be widely use in railing, bracket of water circulation tower, sport equipment, tool handle, bracket of tent and others loading structure components




• Corrosion resistant and anti-ageing  

• Water-proof, fire retardant, Heat Resistance

• Light weight, high strength and impact strength  

• Non-magnetism and non-conductive  

• Very designable, cut discretionarily  

• Easy of installation and dimensional stability

• Long service life and maintenance-free  

• Bright color and good appearance


3.Product Specifications 


By changing different shapes of the mould (die), this production line can produce different profiles or rods. The following list is some products photos for reference.






Rectangular tube  


Cable tray


Square tube




Round tube


Profile for door & window








End fitting of Radome




Shaft of the umbrella& tent


Epoxy rod


Profile for bridge


Platform and ladder





Packing and Storage:


by carton


60 days after receiving your deposit


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