Fortress Alkali-Resistant Primer for Interior Wall

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Item specifice:

Colour: White Dilution: Water Coverage: 8.0-9.0 Square Meters per KG
Gloss: Matte

Product Description:

Fortress Alkali-Resistant Primer for Interior Wall

Code: FD 16

Major Components: Modified Acrylic Emulsion, Lead-Free Pigment, Additives, Water

Colour: White

Gloss: Matte

Surface Treatment:

      There has to be NO oil, dusts or loose matters on the wall to be painted. New wall must be thoroughly dry. The water content of wall or putty must be below 10%, with pH below 10. Primer is required for the unpainted wall.


New wall:

1. The newly built concrete wall should be painted 30 days after becoming dry and hard and in accordance with the requirement of construction.

2. Remove the loose materials and crystalline salt.

3. Use the suitable filler to repair the cracks or gaps on the wall.

4. Putty is not recommended. If the wall needs to be repaired, Fortress Small Putty for exterior wall can be used. For the rough wall surface, before using Fortress Small Putty for exterior wall, Fortress Flat Putty for exterior wall is recommended, and smooth the wall and spray water onto the wall for at least 3 days.

5. Fortress water-base alkali-resistant primer for exterior wall can be used on the substrate that has been treated suitably, which has to be dry before finish to be painted.

Old wall:

    1.       Before the old painted wall to be repainted, high pressure water jet or blade should be used to remove the loose materials on the film. For the mildewed wall, anti-mildew substance should be used to paint on the wall, and then, wash the wall with water after 24 hours. Do not take any measures until it becomes dry.

2.  Use the suitable filler to repair the cracks or gaps on the wall.

3. For the occasional peeling-off or hollowing, the corresponding parts needs to be removed. Fortress Flat Putty will be used to cover it, and then Fortress Small Putty is to be used. After it, it will be polished and the water should be sprayed on it for at least 3 days.

4. Fortress water-base transparent sealing primer for exterior wall can be used on the substrate that has been treated suitably, which has to be dry before Fortress water-base alkali-resistant paint for exterior wall to be painted.


       1. Read the instruction before use.

2. Stir well before use.

3. Dilute the paint with suitable volume of water in accordance with instruction. Excessive water must be avoided.

4. No excessive paint is allowed to be on the brush or roller.

5. Diluted paint should not be put back to the undiluted paint.

         6. Use up the paint as soon as possible when it is opened.

Storage:      Temperature: 0℃-35℃

                  Cool, dry and ventilated place.

                  Do not expose to the sun and rain.

                  Shelf-life: 18 Months (20/68)

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