For Macbook Air A1369 A1466 Mc965 Mc966 Keyboard US Layout

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Q:See if the welding module is faulty
Check the welding module of non weld or sealing, if you can use the electric iron, can carry out welding work.
Q:Difff?Also, do classical songs or songs like imagine sound bad on a keyboard??
My keyboard has multiple sounds to it. It is literally both keyboard and piano in one. It has almost as many keys as a full piano. It also has two GRAND PIANO sounds. It has harps and organs sounds as well as the traditional keyboard sound. I really do not know about the other sounds because am not familiar with all of the attachments and buttons. I am old fashion and do not want to touch them until I learn what they are. I do not like the way traditional keyboards sound, for the music is too muzzled and synthetic like. My church has a very expensive keyboard, and I do not like the sound. It is an excellent recording instrument, but it sounds too unnatural for me.
Q:If a keyboard has a harmony button, does that cause it to cause keys to repeat?
Not necessarily. It depends on the keyboard and how the manufacturer built the harmonizer function, but normally they work by adding an unplayed note to the melody line that is in harmony with the note you played. If you're playing chords with the left hand the harmony note will be selected according to the chord you're playing. Otherwise the note will be selected according to rules of harmonization that are programmed into the keyboard. The harmony note will sound nice usually and will be correct according to the rules, but it may or may not be the note you really wanted. That is, there can be a number of notes that will harmonize with the melody note and the computer inside the keyboard may pick a different one than you would have chosen yourself or that the composer of the song you're playing actually used.
Q:i spilled coke on my laptop keyboard n now its shot. can i connect a regular keyboard to my laptop?
Yes you can. Make sure you go into device manager and disable the old keyboard. Sometimes a broken keyboard can give random input to the computer. IF you have a fairly new laptop you can usually buy a new keyboard for it offline. They usually aren't too expensive either and not too hard to install.
Q:can i get a computer keyboard for a laptop do they make them 4 laptops. i dont know wat to do. my keys do not work anymore. so 1 help
If you have a usb port on your laptop you can plug a keyboard in there. You can find a usb keyboard at most stores that sell keyboards mice. They are pretty common these days. Also depending on the age of the laptop you might be able to get a replacement keypad for it.
Q:i have a wirless keyboard and mouse since my backslash key is messed up any way to disable the non working keyboard( origional)?
This Site Might Help You. RE: turn off laptop keyboard? i have a wirless keyboard and mouse since my backslash key is messed up any way to disable the non working keyboard( origional)?
Q:I like computer keyboards.
LOL yea me 2 haha i dont really drink tea an im on the computer all the time to yea keyboards
Q:can you tell me which is very good gaming keyboard and mouse? i also find some good mouse and keyboard.
Razer Naga for mouse, Razer DeathStalker for keyboard
Q:How to choose the keyboard
Although the elastic and key process of different users have different requirements on the key,?
Q:Do you believe that anything (speech recognition, virtual keyboards, etc.) will replace the keyboard within the next few decades?
Yeah, I believe that new things are going to come out and take away the keyboard

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