Expanding Admixture AID

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Expanding Admixture Aid


Ⅰ. Description

Concrete synergist is a new concrete admixture of organic synthesis which developed by our company nearly two years. The product can reduce 8-15% of cement consumption without effect concrete mechanics performance, can significantly improve the workability and pumpability of concrete.



Expanding Admixture Aid

Expanding Admixture Aid



Ⅱ. Product Features of Expanding Admixture AID

1、  To improve the fresh concrete workability, eeduce the bleeding and pumping resistance.

2、  Good adaptability,  can be compatible with all kinds of water reducers (polycarboxylic acid, naphthalene) such as retarder, air entraining admixture,  early strength admixture etc.

3、  Improve the durability, Increasing the compactness of concrete, Improve the concrete ability of  frost resistance and carbonation resistance, improve the permeability resistance and reduce concrete cracks

4、  Non-corrosiveness, without additive of Chloride and sodium sulfate.

5、  Energy-saving and cost-reducing, reduce 8-15% of cement consumption.

6、  Environmental friendly.


Ⅲ. Technical Performance of  Expanding Admixture AID




Test methods




Translucent liquid 

visual inspection





GB/T 8077


pH value


GB/T 8077


·         chlorine ion content



GB 8076


Sodium thiosulfate content/%


GB/T 8077


Alkali content /%


GB/T 8077

Concrete Performance


water-reducing rate



GB 8076


Air content/%


GB/T 50080


Bleeding ratio/%


GB 8076


setting time  difference/mininitial setting, final setting

-90 +120

GB 8076


 compressive strength ratio/%



GB 8076




28dshrinkage ratio/%


GB 8076


corrosion of reinforcement

No harm



Ⅳ. Application of Expanding Admixture AID

Width used in large-scale infrastructure buildings, subways, basements, underground warehouses, tunnels, mines, civil air defense projects.



Ⅴ. Usage

1、Dosage, 0.6-1.0% of binding material, test result  as the criterion.

2、Testing before used. Appropriate adjust the ratio of concrete to the optimum efficiency.

Ⅵ. Packaging, transport and storage

1. Available in 25kg or 50kg film-lined bags. Other special package can also be available

2. Special measures should be taken to ensure entire package. Keep waterproof during transportation.

3. Dry and well ventilated warehouse is needed for storage. Q If storage has surpassed the time (6 months), test must be done to confirm the validity.


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If you have a normal 3/4 subfloor and lino is directly over that,you ll need 1/2 cement board NOT 1/4 . If kitch lino is over a 1/4 plywood , this MUST be removed. Both these apply from the ATC and TCA tile hand book guidelines.. Guidelines say you must have a minimum 1 1/4 substrate to put tile over and 1/4 won t make it on standard wood subflooring.. And going over a thin ply and 1/4 cement board doesn t cut it because of the cushion that is there with the ply and lino. As far as going over the basement lino yes it can be done.. Lino must be down solid, cleaned of all dirt , grease and wases etc.. A more power-full modified thinset must be used and extra drying time since the moisture has no where to go except the grout joints. You can shear the bond if walked on to soon so I always wait a minimum of 48hrs and try for longer if possible to allow proper drying. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there.. GL
Q:What is a chemical that softens rock and cement?
Hydrochloric acid softens cement. You can buy large containers of it for removing cement from brickwork. It will also attack some types of rock, especially limestones. Be careful with it though!
Q:Was cement invented?
Good guys.
Q:am taking fake brick off wall, but cement stays. WHAT IS BEST TO PUT OVER WALLS, NOT SHEETROCK, SOMETHING ELSE
Wainscott it and paint it. You can liqiud nail the wainscott if you have to. I would seal the floor and then put a pad and carpet down.
Q:Too much water in cement?
Pro is correct. I have a cement floor in my garage which was undermined by woodchucks years ago and finally fell through in places. Rather than bust up, remove and replace all the rest of the floor, I used the self leveling material to fill in the holes. It's been several years now and it still looks good and seems fine load wise. As he says, just trowel it off after an hour or so, as smoothly as possible and then let it set and do it's job.
Q:Could desert soil be used to make marine cement?
Caliche is a hardened desert soil (rock) that is typically near the surface. I would think that you would end up digging a lot of desert to get much carbonates. There would be a large amount of heavy equipment use, lots of dust, and lots of lost habitat. Typically cement is produced by exposures of limestone that are ground down and converted to cement. I would think this would generally be a more economical and more environmentally friendly option. Since you apparently have a chemistry background, you may already know this, but cement is generally made by taking calcite or dolomite and heating it up to create lime / cement. This has been done since the Roman Empire. I have never heard of bubbling CO2 in calcium and magnesium carbonates. Are you suggesting that bubbling CO2 in ocean water will precipitate calcite? I think it would probably have the opposite effect and create more acidity which would tend to dissolve carbonates. Note: Ocean water is very basic. It is far from acidic and will almost certainly never become acidic. If you add a base to the desert soil, form a pile on the ocean floor, and bubble CO2 into it, you might precipitate some CO2 if the water is warm enough IMO. It would probably make more sense in most instances to simply use regular cement which is designed to form a very solid and strong structure. Carbonates will precipitate out of sea water in warm shallow water. Some of the beaches of the Bahamas are formed from precipitated carbonates called oolites.
Q:What should I do because my foot got stuck in cement?
Call the nhs helpline or if you can go to a+e
Q:Using CPVC cement on PVC pipe?
Your just fine using CPVC cement on PVC, especially on a bike stand. The only time it would make a diiference is when you are actually using it for water pressure. CPVC is used for water supply, under pressure, to your faucets and so on. It's formulated for drinking water where as PVC is not, either way, for what your doing, either cement would work...
Q:what is vinyl cement?
Vinyl Cement Uses
Q:Can cement be used as edge restraint?
martin couch's answer is good. Edge Retainer (Curbing) This concrete should have at least one rebar running through the centre of it lengthwise.. Also about every 10 feet (3 metres) should have a stress cut.slot filled with a meterial that will keep expand and compress. These stress cuts control cracking most of the time. This edging will crack; without the stress cuts, it will crack anywhere. With the stress cuts most of the cracking will be at the cuts which will not be noticeable. About every 30 feet (9 metres), instead of a stress cut, the concrete should have a piece of tar impregnated tentest or other material to act a an expansion joint. This helps to prevent buckling when the weather is very hot. Brazilian or not, he should know the proper way to construct curbing. One point to note; if you had this job quoted on (estimates) and hired a contractor with a price much lower than anyone else, you received what you paid for. All quotes should be within approximately 10% of each other as long as you gave each contractor the same specs. An estimate which is 15% or more below the rest is one to defininately one to avoid
We are one of the largest concrete admixture-products manufacture in China. We can produce different kinds of high quality conveyor belt and transmission belt.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Beijing,China
Year Established 1992
Annual Output Value Above CNY ¥ 4 Billion
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin
Export Percentage 0.4
No.of Employees in Trade Department 500 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 200000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 20
Contract Manufacturing
Product Price Range Average