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Corrugated sheets are made from Galvanized steel coils, Galvalume Steel coils, Galvalume Pre-

painted sheet and aluminum sheet, prepainted hot dip galvanized steel coils, roll formed by roll forming machines, the thickness and color can be different.

Our products have significant advantages as below:

1)lower price and best quality

2)waterproof and fire insulation

3)light weight

4)fast and convenient istallation

5)different color

6)high strength


8)free of maintenance

9)beautiful appearance

The followings are the trade terms:

1)Package: 1 to 2 tons/package by kraft paper and wood pallet(packing size can be made as per your requirement as well)

2)Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 square meters

3)Delivery Time: 15 days upon down payment or LC  

4)Payment terms: by TT or LC

Product Details:

Place of Origin

China (Mainland)

Brand Name


Model Number



Color Steel


any color is available

Payment & Shipping Terms:


FOB USD 2~5 / Meter
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Minimum Order Quantity:

Negotiable Trial Order

Minimum Order Quantity:

20 Ton/Tons 20 MTTrial Order



Packaging Details:

waterproof paper, steel strip, iron sheet, C chaneel

Delivery Time:

25 days after receiving deposit

Payment Terms:


Supply Ability:

250000 Ton/Tons per Year 20 MT

Roofing color corrugated steel sheet
1) Max. width: 600- 980mm
2) Thickness: 0.236-1.00mm(commonly 0.3-0.6mm)
3) Length:Less than 12m

Roofing color corrugated steel sheet

1. Base sheet: galvanized steel sheet

2. Standard: JIS, ASTM, GB  

3. Thickness: 0.14mm—0.5mm

4. Width: 762mm, 914mm, 1000mm before corrugation

Raw material 762mm to 665 mm, 660mm(after corrugated) an d 9 waves

Raw material 914mm to 800mm, 810mm(after corrugated) and 11 waves

Raw material 1000mm to 875mm, 880mm, 890mm,900mm, 914mm(after corrugated) and 12 waves

5. Zinc: 60g--180g/m2

6. Color: All colors according to RAL color system

7. Package: covered by one layer of pvc film on the surface of steel sheet, or in bundle.

8. Features: light-weight, high-strength, erosion-resistant, quakeproof, easy-installation, colorful, anti-rust, long life, etc.

9. Application: steel structure workshop, sandwich panel workshop, transportation, outside decoration of various buildings, home appliances like refrigerator, air conditioner, electric cookware, etc

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Q:desnity of steel?
First you have to convert the coefficient of linear expansion to a coefficient of volumetric expansion. Multiply the coefficient of linear expansion by 3: Coefficient of expansion of steel,β:12E-6/°K x 3 = 36E-6/°K Difference in temperature: 480°K ΔV = VoβΔT ΔV = Vo x (0.000036) x 480 ΔV = 1m³ x 0.017 ΔV = 0.017m³ Originally, the steel was at 7800 kg/m³ Now, the steel was at 7800 kg/ 1.017m³, or 7670 kg/m³ Change in density = 7670 - 7800 = -130kg/m³
Q:Maple Story Steel Polearm?
Steel polearm was from the Aran Welcome Event, which ended a few weeks ago. Now is the worst time to buy one, since the craze just ended and steel polearms are now heavily in demand (sadly). Your best bet is the free market, but they will cost you a few mil.
Q:what is brass and steel used for and why?
By instruments do you mean musical instruments? Brass is used for musical instruments because it's strong but very malleable. It's easy to hammer and roll into sheets, or form into tubes and complex shapes. It's easy to work with using hand tools. It's also very corrosion resistant and polishes very well. It has an attractive gold-like color. It also has some effect on sound, though the shape and design of an instrument is much more important to the sound than the material that's used. Apart from musical instruments, brass is used for items that need to be both durable, easy to manufacture, and resistant to the elements. For example plumbing items like valves and screw couplings.brass is a lot easier to cut with machine tools than steel. It's also traditionally used for hardware on doors and cabinets because of it's color, low friction properties, and corrosion resistance. Brass also is toxic to bacteria, and so brass doorknobs disinfect themselves after about 9 hours. Steel is very strong and very cheap. Steel is basically iron with a small amount of carbon added which makes it much stronger. Iron is the fourth most common element in the earth's crust, after oxygen, silicon, and aluminum. Brass being a mixture (an alloy) of copper and zinc, with other metals sometimes added. Copper and zinc are the 27'th and 26'th most common elements. Therefore, it make sense that brass is much more expensive than steel. Steel is used for too many things to be listed. The use of steel technology has impacts on almost every aspect of modern life. Nearly all of the man-made objects you touch on a regular basis were made using steel tools and steel machinery.
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Q:How can i make difference between iron and steel?
There are literally hundreds and hundreds of different commercial steel alloys and a good number of iron alloys so... it depends. Technically, steel is any alloy that is mostly Fe with some amount of carbon. Even if you have access to the necessary lab equipment, CTE (coef of thermal expansion) and specific heat are not very straight forward tests. There are, of course, chemical analysis instruments for measuring C content in steels so, if you really need to know, you can spend money at commercial lab that does these tests. One quick test to judge C content... touch the metal to a grinding wheel, higher C content produces more sparks. To calibrate the way this looks, compare the sparks from a drill bit (usually 1090 steel so 0.9 wt% C) to a steel nail (low C steel). Unfortunately, the difference in sparking between steels with pretty low C content and a piece of iron will not be very dramatic. Of course, iron might mean Cast Iron and, again, there are a good number of commercial cast iron alloys and there are 4 basic types of cast iron alloys and they contain high amounts of C.
Q:Science Question About Steel?
Kera...time to crank up the brain in gear....molten refers to what state of matter? Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma? Ding-Ding-Ding....liquid. Solid to liquid is the melting point.
Q:Steel Estimating Question?
It is not clear what stage this project is in. Is it preliminary or has a detailed design been done. It is also not clear if this is only the steel material or does it include the labor as well. A rough guess using a percentage of the total cost is okay if you have historical data to help you. If you have a detailed design then the percentage method should only be used as a check on a detailed cost estimate developed from the plans. If you plan to use numbers provided by someone here on Answers I would hardly call that an estimate.
Q:Fallout 3 broken steel question?
If I can remember right (SPOILER) you have to beat the game and instead of dying you just pass out and wake up with the brother hood of steel.

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