European Quality Wooden aluminium doors and windows

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Interior door



1.MDF wood boards for door leaf and door frame ,And the surface is veneered by hand or computer sculpture or embossed by natural wooden skin,then 6 layers painting and polishing


2.Chinese Fir inside block structure.  Filling inside: 50% Chinese Fir to 100% Chinese fir


3.Surface:paint finishing is processed by six layer quality paint coating


4.Design&Colour : Diversified available


5.Size available: As per requirement (height*width*depth)


6.Opening direction: Left or right; inward or outward open


7.Accessories: lock, handle, hinges .


1.Protection cap for 4  corners + PEP foam + Bubble bag + 5 layers carton


2.Container capacity: 160pcs/20Ft, 350pcs/40HQ (differs upon your virtual choice)

OEM&ODM is available



Interior wooden door


Natural wooden veneer + 6mm MDF board+Chinese fir wood+  6mm MDF board

Wood skin(Color)

Teak, Oak, Ash, Cherry, Sapele, Mahogany, Walnut, Beech, Pine or as your required.

Standard Dimension( H*W*T)


Door frame: 250mm


Door frame+ frame adjust architrave , lock, handle, hinges 

Suitable Position

Bedroom, Kitchen room, Storage room


Paint finishing is processed by six layers quality paint coating


Protection cap for 4  corners + PEP foam + Bubble bag + 5 layers carton

Opening direction

Left or right; inside or outside open 

Delivery time

20 days after received the deposit.

Payment terms

30% advance T/T, balance accepted by fax copy of B/L


150 sets


160sets/ 20” FCL

350 sets/ 40” HQ

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Q:Why aluminum doors and windows have a gap there is still a lot of how to solve it?
Change the bridge off the aluminum bar, broken bridge aluminum sealing effect is very good, aluminum are so
Q:Home often static, that is, those metal door handle will have, what reason?
Is your body with static electricity, it is best not to wear fiber clothing!
Q:installing laminate obstacle - metal door frame?
Metal Door Jamb
Q:Does Xi'an have to operate aluminum doors and windows, steel doors and windows of the market? where?
Daming Palace building materials market to buy what are
Q:The market often said that the aluminum alloy door and titanium magnesium alloy door What is the difference between the price of the number of gaps?
Can be analyzed from the material, in detail can ask the business The definition of the concept: Titanium based on the composition of other alloy elements called titanium alloy.T titanium alloy with low density, high specific strength, good corrosion resistance, good process performance, is the ideal aerospace engineering structural materials. Research scope: Titanium alloy can be divided into structural titanium alloy and heat-resistant titanium alloy, or α-type titanium alloy, β-type titanium alloy and α + β-type titanium alloy. The scope of research also includes titanium alloy forming technology, powder metallurgy technology, rapid solidification technology , Titanium and other military and civilian. Aluminum alloy is made of some alloying elements such as aluminum-manganese alloy, aluminum-copper alloy, aluminum-copper-magnesium hard aluminum alloy, aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper super-hard aluminum alloy. Pure aluminum has better physical and mechanical properties: easy processing, high durability, wide range of applications, decorative effect is good, rich colors. Aluminum is divided into rust aluminum, hard aluminum, super hard aluminum and other types, all kinds of The use of their own, and have their own code for the user to choose. Aluminum alloy is still maintained a light weight characteristics, but the mechanical properties improved significantly.Aluminum alloy material application has the following three aspects: First, as a force component; Second, as a door, window, tube, cover, shell and other materials; As the decoration and insulation materials.Using aluminum alloy anodized after processing can be colored characteristics, made of various decorations.Aluminum alloy sheet, profile surface can be anti-corrosion, ginning, painting, printing and other secondary processing, the system Into a variety of decorative plates, profiles, as decorative materials.
Q:Can a dowel fix a stripped screw hole in a metal storm door?
I doubt that would work because the inner parts of the door are usually hollow. But here are some ideas to try, though I've never tried them myself. The best bet would be use a slightly larger screw. Or... take the old screw (ensure the threads are not stripped) and wrap one, maybe two layers of electrical tape or the white pipe thread tape. The idea being this will bulk up the threads and give it 'grip' in the hole. Good luck.
Q:Open an aluminum alloy doors and windows factory early need to prepare what?
This period mainly includes: how much they prepare to produce an annual number, and then according to the annual production of venues, equipment, personnel. Their own to find a stable doors and windows profiles suppliers, hardware supply. And then do this before the first to talk about a good point of the project.
Q:Bathroom made of titanium and magnesium alloy door and found that the door and the gap between the door stone is 2.3 cm, how to deal with?
Buy two pieces of film, with glue on the ground, just can also slip! This is no way to the way!
Q:I often get (electric) shocks when I hold metal doors or filing cabinet, or anything metal.?
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