Modern used exterior PVC doors windows and doors

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Product Description



Doors Description modern design used exterior PVC French windows and doors from shanghai supplier China manufacturer
Profile1. CE thermal break aluminum profile(heat break)
2. CE standard aluminum profile
3.CE UPVC/PVC profile(Conch,LG,Koemmerling,VEKA Brand)
4.Standard or thermal break Aluminum Wooden profile

Glass1.Single toughened(tempered) glass 4mm.5mm.6mm.8mm.12mm
2.Double Glazed glass:5+9A+5mm,5+12A+5mm,6+19A+6mm
3.Laminated glass:5+0.38PVB+5mm,5+0.76PVB+5mm
4.Tinted lowe glass,Obsucre glass,Coating glass,
Self-cleaning glass,Art glass

Profile finishedAluminum:powder coating,Anodized, Electrophoresis,Wood grain
UPVC/PVC:Coextrusion,laminating,embossed,powder coating
SealingPVC & EPDM rubber seal,silicon sealant, wool piled pipe




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Q:Aluminum alloy doors and windows 868 profiles production methods, know to pay the next.
Winger no need to say, on the slide - total width - winger width (1.6) cm! Up and down = up and down 40 / 2-51 ? ? ? hook enterprises = side seal -110 (outside the fan)! The The Side seal -85 = inner fan: these are all with the quantum
Q:Titanium magnesium alloy doors and doors compared to where the advantages
Titanium magnesium alloy door is mainly used for kitchen and balcony, will not be damp deformation, and the middle is a large glass, you can do a lot of flowers, style,
Q:Contact with the metal frame after the electricity is how to distinguish between static electricity or leakage Today, friends and friends in the newly renovated new home watching TV, but we only have access to the metal handle and the door when the time will be electricity, and now do not understand is static or socket wire leakage
And the power cord is not exposed to static electricity. There may be contact with static electricity may also be leakage. Static electricity is a kind of Ma electrical feeling. Leakage will be accident. If you can not even worry about a wire to the power of the yellow-green line, it is a protective grounding wire.
Q:Aluminum alloy doors and windows installed when the box to be buried in the ground 1CM?
Alloy doors and windows. Aluminum alloy doors and windows installed with a fixed iron connection, also anti-corrosion treatment, to prevent the occurrence of electrochemical reaction, corrosion aluminum doors and windows, connecting fixtures should use stainless steel. 5, in place and temporary edge fixed. According to find the rules to install aluminum doors and windows, and in time to straighten the flat, in its installation position is correct, with wooden wedge temporary fixed. 6, with the expansion of the screw to the iron feet and hole connection fixed. Iron feet to the door and window angle of not more than 180mm, iron feet spacing less than 600mm; aluminum doors and windows into the hole flat horizontal vertical, frame and hole elastic connection firmly, not the doors and windows frame directly buried in the wall. Horizontal and vertical combination, to take sets, lap to form a curved combination, lap length should be 10mm, and sealed with a sealant. 7, the installation of sealant left when the expansion and contraction, generally 20-30mm longer than the doors and windows of the assembly side, at the corner of the ramp open, and paste with adhesive glue firmly, so as not to produce shrink joints; doors and windows for the open screw connection Doors and windows of the same color sealing material will be buried sealed, the lower part of the door to be buried in the ground depth 30-150mm; doors and windows frame with the wall can be removed after the wooden wedge. 8, aluminum doors and windows installed and fixed, the timely processing of doors and windows frame and the wall gap, the use of mineral wool or glass wool mats layered packing gap, the outer surface left 5-8mm deep slotted ointment. Window in the window plate after installation will be around the window at the same time mosaic, embedded in the windows and doors to prevent deformation of the collision
Q:Home decoration, bathroom with solid wood composite door good or titanium alloy door good? With solid wood composite door afraid of durable, afraid of moisture after the door expansion deformation or even rotten, with titanium alloy door price is high, and the seal is not a good wooden door, in the end with what good? Please have the experience to the point of advice, extremely grateful! Province of high school students
Solid wood composite door is not only damp after the door expansion deformation or even rotten, and the door sets and lines will crack, drop paint. Titanium alloy door is divided into several models, there are outsourcing edge, inside the package edge, a good point of the price of 600 yuan, there are double package edge, a good price of 900 or so, lower than these prices do not use the titanium alloy door, Maintenance trouble, titanium alloy door sealing performance is also OK, if it is the bathroom, first or titanium alloy door
Q:I need to repaint an exterior metal door. The previous tenant put over 100 small vinyl letters on the door. Whats the easiest fastest way to remove these without leaving gouges in the paint that Id have to somehow fill in, sand, and then paint?I need to repaint the door today.
I just repainted a metal door, and removed the paint with a paint scraper and a blow dryer. I'm thinking this will work with your vinyl letters. A heat gun would probably be a little faster than a blow dryer if you have one available. It was time consuming, but it worked.
Q:What is the use of aluminum alloy door light?
Light is the door material
Q:Does anyone know how to drill into a metal door? I am trying to hang a framed poser on my metal kitchen door. Thanks
Ok, here's what I do. Get some rare earth magnets (you can find them on the web). Get the 1 flat round type (very strong). Glue them to the back of the picture and stick to door. I use these magnets in my shop and to hang pictures on my shop's metal door. Works great.
Q:i have a metal (aluminum) door - very thin sheet on each side and then it has a styrofoam like insulation in the inside. well, the people who lived her before cut a hole in it about 6 inches high 4-5 inches wide... my guess is for a pet of some kind. anyway, when i moved in it was covered with tape and filled with wall insulation. i want to fix it it doesnt have to be perfect by any means- its not even an exit door i use i just want it to stop letting cold and hot air in and idea was something involving that spray can insulation.... but if i have tape on the one side while spraying that in im afraid itll leak..... any suggestions?
just get some sheet metal and some rivets to patch the holes
Q:Aluminum alloy door seal lush dripping drip how to do?
Like this situation is generally the lower frame material level to play drainage holes or drainage holes are too small, there is a situation is not the location of the drainage hole caused by a rain caused by the indoor under the box material leakage of water leakage situation. This situation can be their own solution, but also to find the master of the doors and windows to solve. The solution is the same. That is, in the lower part of the box on the outer edge of the left and right to open a drain hole. Note; can not open a drain hole, because the wind pressure problem, open a wind pressure water or row does not come out, so open two. Drain hole can not play too deep, just penetrate the profile wall can be, whether it is flat window or sliding window position to play in the lower frame on the plane can be, do not hit the interior of the profile chamber. tool. Hand drill, 5mm twist drill bit.

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