European Quality Standard MDF Interior Wooden Door

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Product Description:




 Product Description

 Door Standard Size: 
 Door leaf width: 700mm-900mm
Door leaf height: 2000mm-2200mm
Door leaf thickness: 35mm/40mm/45mm
Wall thickness: 100mm-300mm
 Surface: Good quality PVC skin
MDF Panel thickness: 5mm/6mm/8mm/12mm available
Frame Structure: Solid wood core+MDF
Door leaf Structure: Solid wood core, both sides with MDF panel
 Infilling : 
 Solid wood+honeycomb
 Door Surface design:
 Diversified available
 Swing, sliding, folding
 Reference to our color card
 Lock, hinge, handle, glass
 Packing Details:
 Door leaf: PE film, Bubble plastic bag, strong carton
Door frame: PE film, Bubble plastic bag, strong carton
 Delivery time:
 35 days after received the deposit
 Certification :
 CE, SGS, SONCAP, EC, 5S, ISO, CIQ, SGS certificate
 Advantage :
 OEM&ODM is available
 230 sets/ 20” FCL
480 sets/ 40” FCL
540 sets/ 40” HQ 






1. Standard dimension: 2050*(600-830)*40mm or customize


2. Door leaf thickness: 40mm(42/45/50mm are available)


3. Door frame: suitable for different wall thickness 100-280mm


4. Main frame thickness: 28mm


5. Wall thickness: 100-280mm






locks, hinges, handles, glass, screws, rubber seal






1. Single hip raised or double hip raised panel or flat panel are available


2. Surface finsishing: six layer paintiong


3. Surface: six layer UV painting,


4. Optional color: red cherry, pure white, sapele, Teak, red/ balck walnut, red wood etc


5. Opening direction: swing in / swing out






1. Wont twist or wrap


2. Environment friendly


3. Good effect on sound insulation and heat insulation, which can creat a self-space

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Q:Bathroom with titanium alloy door or aluminum titanium door good?
The above said, the general titanium alloy inside the real titanium content is very small, no more than 3%, most of the aluminum, but aluminum inside the addition of these small amounts of titanium, can be a greater performance improvement, such as strength, toughness , Corrosion resistance, etc., on the personal views of titanium aluminum alloy (in fact, but also the content of titanium but nothing) on the line.
Q:how can i cut a nice metal doors?
I would recommend that you get a new door rather than cut one to fit. I do not know of any professionals who would cut a door, too much labor intensive
Q:How do aluminum windows and doors eliminate static electricity?
How could the metal take the static back to his head is not stuck or do not want me to use a hammer to help him repair
Q:Aluminum alloy doors and windows profiles 80,868 What does it mean?
Aluminum width 80 on behalf of the aluminum profile width of 80MM 868 generally represents the width of aluminum 86.8, there are manufacturers 85 86. Basically that is the meaning of that
Q:Exterior door screen metal door alternatives?
How about a wood door with fiberglass mesh screening? Or.. a regular door can be fitted with a screen panel or screen window. If all else fails, you can have one built fairly reasonable. If it has been years since you asked, try again ( use a different carpenter ) or take the measurements down to the local hardware store or home center and see what they have. There are many new and improved products that hit the market each year, this year you just may find what you are looking for. AL
Q:Aluminum doors and windows how to change the anti-theft window
Hello, aluminum alloy modified composite anti-theft window to see if you are old-fashioned aluminum alloy doors and windows or broken bridge aluminum, modified in the current window on the basis of the above. Change the glass in your home to the inside with the aluminum anti-theft frame of the glass, and then install a dedicated anti-theft lock. Anti-theft screens are installed separately.
Q:Can aluminum doors and windows be attracted by magnets?
The magnet can not suck up a thing and the permeability of things to be sucked, and the permeability and magnetic domain is related to the natural elements of the various, the highest permeability of nickel, and then cobalt, again the iron , Other substances such as copper also have a certain permeability, but very low, so that we can not feel it, not iron things can be sucked up by magnet
Q:Consult steel doors and windows are good or aluminum doors and windows sound insulation good?
According to the nature of the material to analyze, of course, is the sound insulation of steel, heat insulation effect is better, but now there is a broken aluminum alloy aluminum, aluminum alloy is added in the middle of a plastic wear, coupled with double hollow glass , The effect will not be inferior to plastic The advantages of steel: sound insulation, heat insulation effect, cheap, but also look inside the steel wall thickness is not thick enough, the thicker the more solid. Plastic steel shortcomings: easy to fade, fade, aging, the sun through the sun will become thinner and thinner! Broken bridge aluminum advantages: than ordinary aluminum to sound insulation, heat insulation, light, good hardness, not easy to deformation! Broken bridge aluminum shortcomings: there is no drawback, that is expensive, there is the color of the points to see what the surface to do the process, the best choice of paint, easy to peel, the best choice powder coating process. Give you a little idea, if you want to be very sound, then suggest that you use glass glass with laminated glass is three layers of glass, so add you with broken bridge aluminum profile, it is absolutely sound! Hope to help you! If you do not care about the price, then I made the idea: with broken bridge aluminum alloy laminated glass, There is little to see what you do window type, sliding windows do not have flat windows soundproof okay!
Q:How do I paint indoor metal door?
First, you can use latex, but make sure the primer can be used on metal. Your local paint store should have a salesperson to guide you to the right primer. I would suggest a latex semi gloss for the finish, but that is just a preference. As long as you get a good quality paint, like Porter paint, it will be highly washable not matter what the sheen. The hard part is the preperation. Once you have the door stripped just prime and paint.
Q:Aluminum doors and windows how to make beautiful plastic
Must repair the plastic mouth, then pay attention to the angle and intensity and speed. Pay attention to whether the wood is clean.

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